GTA V modders team up to finish the Mile High club, the building under construction since the game came out in 2013


GTA V modders team up to finish the Mile High club, the building under construction since the game came out in 2013

For almost 8 years, the Mile High club has been in the works, a skyscraper under construction since the game came to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013.

A group of GTA V modders have said enough to see more in the works of the Mile High club , since while GTA Online  has seen how the doors of the Diamond Casino and Perico Key were opened , GTA V offline has been intact. That is why, apparently, some of these Rockstar title players have grown tired of the same building after so many years .

A group of modders have come together to complete the construction of the Mile High club themselves , and it seems they already have a lot of ideas in mind. Lead architect Kalit told PCGamesN that it all started as a side project to help with modeling environments for video games. However, a year later this is now part of a larger project.

" Rags and Riches " is a fan-created DLC that expands the interior and exterior of the club and the Facade Theater, although the mod also has story missions that take you to new created environments. These missions can be done with any character or a version of you in GTA Online, although the rest is secret as new weapons and vehicles are planned . Right now a version is available on their Patreon , but they will make a free part when they finish the mod.

The mod will also have online components, Kalit states that the team is working on a FiveM version so that it can be used on roleplay servers. Although this has had challenges, since they expected to finish it in February and it has not been possible. " The hardest thing was trying to get the entire block in the area to fit the map, " explained Kalit. " The quality had to match the surrounding elements, and it should look and feel like something Rockstar would have done in its day ."

" We had to redo a lot of material to make sure our work wasn't out of place on the map, so it's not just modeling, texturing the models and finished work. Some elements are still a bit out of place and that's something in which we have to work . "

They do not have an exact release date yet, but if you want to keep up with them and their progress, you can find all this on their Discord

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