Guide for the extraction of all resources in Stronghold: Warlords


Guide for the extraction of all resources in Stronghold: Warlords

Stronghold: Warlords is a new strategy from the developer Firefly, in which the user can fight in various modes with famous commanders. No matter what game modes you fight in, your settlement will always need resources. In this guide, we'll show you how to mine and craft all of the resources in Stronghold: Warlords.

In the game, you cannot improve buildings for the extraction of resources. All such structures will bring the same amount of resources to both you and your enemies. The extraction of minerals is affected only by the number of buildings themselves and the presence of certain military leaders.

More information about capturing, leveling up and bonuses of commanders can be found in this article .


The peasants in the game are the main resource, without which you will not be able to develop your settlement, create an army and defeat the enemy. Depending on the game mode, a certain number of peasants will be available to you from the start, or you will start the game with no inhabitants at all. Either way, it's easy to fix.

In order for the peasants to want to live in your settlement, you need to build housing for them. In total, there are six types of housing in the game of different quality. If the overall quality of housing exceeds the number of your workers, then this increases your popularity, and vice versa.

  • Hut (10 trees) - Normal dwelling that provides 8 dwellings, no bonus to quality;
  • Shack (20 trees) - quality 2 housing, providing 8 living places;
  • Shack (40 trees) - quality "4" housing, providing 8 living places;
  • House (80 trees) - quality "8" housing, providing 8 dwellings;
  • Large house (120 trees) - quality "12" housing, providing 8 dwellings;
  • Mansion (200 trees) - quality "20" housing, providing 8 living spaces.

Farmers need food, so you must have supplies of rice, vegetables, meat or tea. Otherwise, they will just start leaving your settlement. The popularity of your lord is also an important factor. If it is below zero, then your subjects will scatter. For more information on how to increase popularity and maintain the happiness of your population, we have discussed in a separate article .


Depending on the size of your settlement, you can build the following fields in any quantity:

  • Rice Field (20 trees) - Basic food that can be served in small portions
  • Vegetable field (30 trees) - the presence of vegetables will not only completely replace the absence of rice, but will also add popularity points if available;
  • Pig Farm (40 trees) - creates a small pen with pigs;
  • Tea Plantation (20 trees) - Allows the tea farmer to grow tea;
  • Tea house (50 trees) - without this building, you will not be able to give tea to residents, only exchange it in the market.

Rice fields are the main food in the game. You can refuse any other dishes, but rice should always be present in your barn. As the portions for the population increase, you can donate popularity points to raise taxes.


As you may have guessed, the tree in Stronghold: Warlords is one of the main resources, without which most basic production, food and city structures cannot be built. It can only be obtained near bamboo plantations, which are scattered throughout the game map.

After starting the game, first of all, find the nearest bamboo plantations and place several sawmills next to them (you will need to spend 10 trees to build each). If you want to get wood faster, then you should first place a warehouse near the plantation, since this structure cannot be destroyed or moved after installation.

A rock

The stone will be needed in the construction of an arsenal , barracks , roads , temples , stone fortifications and gates . It can be obtained from the quarry. This production building should be placed on stone deposits, which are highlighted in gray on the global map.

To transport the stone, you will definitely need to additionally build a team with buffaloes . To get the stone to your warehouse faster, you can install several such buckles.


This resource is not required during the passage of the story campaign or in a single battle. But if you want to strengthen your army, and there are iron deposits on the territory of your settlement, it would be foolish not to use this opportunity.

Iron is needed to create weapons, in the workshops of the blacksmith-gunsmith and in the blacksmith's shop . And also for crafting armor for your warriors in the armored man's workshop . After the installation of the above buildings, in the presence of iron, the craftsmen will begin to forge weapons and armor. In the barracks, you can recruit the following warriors:

  • Imperial Guardsman - A slow warrior in heavy armor, armed with a heavy mace, which strikes in an area;
  • Imperial Horseman - a fast equestrian rider in heavy armor, armed with a sword and shield (this unit will also need to build stables);
  • The Imperial Crossbowman is a fast, heavily armored unit that fires heavy arrows at medium range;
  • The Imperial Standard Bearer is a slow, heavily armored warrior wielding a sword that grants an armor boost to nearby allies;
  • The Imperial Warrior is a slow, heavily armored unit that attacks with an iron sword.


A saltpeter mine can be placed on black plots of land. Saltpeter deposits are very rare, so if you are lucky enough to start a game near such bowels, then be sure to take this opportunity.

As with other deposits, you need to use a team of buffaloes to transport saltpeter .


To process saltpeter, build a powder shop near the warehouse. This will allow you to make gunpowder faster and use it for its intended purpose. The resource is needed to create weapons in the siege camp . We have prepared a complete list of weapons, for the creation of which you will definitely need gunpowder:

  • Fire Ballista - A slow wagon with fire arrows that deals area damage. Very effective in battles against other combat units.
  • Demoman Ox - A buffalo that carries a flammable charge that explodes at a designated point and ignites all enemies in a small radius.
  • Mortar is a slow siege engine that deals high damage at medium range. The damage from rolling cannonballs will increase with distance.
  • Rocket Launcher - Launches a slow single rocket that, when hit, deals massive area damage. Beware, it may not go where it was indicated!

Silkworm cocoons

To create clothes, first of all you need to build a silk thread farm . These farms will create silkworm cocoons and store them in storage. One farm brings only 0.3 units of silkworm cocoons per day, so in order to give out clothes to your subjects, you will have to build many such farms.

Silk thread

After the silkworm cocoons are in the warehouse, this resource can be sold or processed into silk thread. For this you need to build silk workshops . It is advisable to place them as close to the warehouse as possible in order to quickly establish the production of silk thread. The resource itself is useless, since after production it will be placed in a warehouse, from where it can be sold or processed.


To create clothes, you need to set up a clothing workshop . This is where the master will start making clothes. The finished resource can be sold or given out to your subjects. Here is a list of the bonuses you can get for giving out clothes to peasants:

  1. +8 popularity.
  2. +15 popularity.
  3. +22 popularity.
  4. +28 popularity.
  5. +34 popularity.


Almost all resources in the game (except for peasants, of course) can be exchanged on the market or directly at your warehouse. To do this, just click with the cursor on the warehouse to open the panel for acquiring resources. You cannot barter resources, but you have the right to first sell the surplus of some resources in order to acquire others.

The same principle applies to the purchase / sale of goods and food. To do this, left-click on the barn and use the panel that opens to purchase the food you need.

How to increase the efficiency of peasants and resource extraction

To increase the performance of the peasants and the production / creation of valuable resources, you need to build temples next to the production buildings and connect them with roads to the citadel. If both conditions are met, then all structures connected by the road will receive a spirit-based popularity bonus. At the same time, workers will not work faster, but their needs will decrease, and you can save on food, clothing and other benefits of the population to maintain your popularity.

Also, to improve the performance of peasants and increase the production of resources, you can use the factors of fear . Some buildings in this section increase the supply of workers, but reduce the popularity of the lord and the attack power of the troops.

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