Guide The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos - all new unique and scientific weapons


Guide The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos - all new unique and scientific weapons

Detailed guide with the location and description of all the unique and scientific weapons introduced in Murder on Eridanos

Supplement The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos adds a unique action role-playing storyline associated with the investigation of the murder of Helen Alkionskoy few side quests, new varieties of armor and weapons. This guide covers all of the unique and scientific weapons that you can find in the game.

First, I'll tell you about all types of unique weapons:

  1. Va-bank . During the "Prince of Contagion" quest, follow the Sublight Warehouse at the Piraeus Spaceport on Eridani. Once inside, go through the foyer and head east of the main area. Then turn left to find the entrance to a small room with a weapon (leaning against the wall). If you cannot pick up the weapon during the story mission, you will have to enter the warehouse from the back door.
  2. Roll . To find this weapon, you must reach the navigation deck on Eridani. Go down to the lower level. You need to use two elevators. It will be possible to get into the engineering compartment after the start of the mission of the factions "The Monster of the Phaeton". Go down the elevator, clear the compartment and get to another elevator. Enter the first room behind the corridor and head up the stairs on the left. Having risen, look for a corpse at the end, from which an ax with a long handle sticks out.
  3. Captain Robin's courage . You must travel to the Purple Gardens on Eridan. Find the labyrinth in the lower part (on the map) in which you need to complete the Labyrinth of Forking Paths side quest. As part of the quest, you should get to the center of the labyrinth. There are two benches in the gazebo, and on one of them lies the above-mentioned blade.
  4. Amplifier of discrepancies . Automatically obtained near the end of the story quest "The Last Role of Helena Alcyonskaya".
  5. Power Magnum . You need to complete the "Pteroscat Trap" quest. To do this, talk to Telbert on the navigation deck. The reward for completing the quest is a unique weapon.
  6. Freezer . There is a small island between the Grand Colonial Hotel and the purple gardens. Examine it. From the area with corpses that can be analyzed, go to the north of the island (at the bottom) and look for an open doorway near the outskirts. There will be a safe inside the room, and there is a weapon on the table to the right.
  7. The man-grinder . To obtain this item, you must travel to the Fauna Exploitation Center on Eridani. When you arrive, head to the very north. Small containers will lie under the mountain, and next to it there will be a corpse, into which an ax with a long handle will be stuck. This is the very weapon.
  8. Feather . You need to complete the Primal Heart faction quest. It will be given to you as a reward, but in the event that you help the hermit and deal with the hunters. If you kill a hermit or lure a donation from him, you will not see a weapon.
  9. Koper . Head south of the Lab in the Purple Gardens (you'll need to head in that direction to complete the story mission side objective) to find a small warehouse (next to the field and where the telescope is located). A huge hammer is hidden inside.
  10. Clapperboard . While at the Fauna Exploitation Center, head to the hunting supply store to find a hunter camp. Go past him to the river, along the stream to the left and to the right, you will find a building with obvious signs of destruction (an abandoned restaurant). Among the scattered things on the porch of the building (to the right when going up the porch) look for a long metal baton.
  11. Plasma jet engine . At the Fauna Exploitation Center, go behind the hunting supplies store. There is a clearing with dogs that surrounded Betty the milkmaid (you will see her during the Runaway Milkmaid). And a little further, at the western edge of the region, there is a small area with other dogs. Look for weapons lying on the floor among tents, containers and other objects.
  12. Recharge . Go to the Rizzo Distillation Station. Upon arrival, go inside through the main door and look into the room with a huge "Rizzo" head in the very center. Go through the door on the left (you will have to break it open), move through the hole in the wall on the left and turn even more left, into the room behind the glass with the exhibits. There will be weapons here.
  13. Short circuit . Search on a small island between the Fauna Exploitation Center and the Grand Colonial Hotel. Once there, enter the cave (entrance to the left, near the corpse of Owens' messenger) to find enemies. One of them will have a key to the safe. Together with the key, go upstairs and go inside a small building in which a safe with a weapon is hidden. The door is bolted, but there is a hole in the wall on the side.
  14. Signed tossbolt stick . This stick is located in one of the rooms on the VIP floor of the "Grand Colonial" on Eridan. You can get to this floor during the quest "The man who knew how to dig". Move to the left of the elevator and look into the last room. This is the number of Elena Alkyonskaya's ex-boyfriend. The hockey stick is against the wall to the left, next to the bed.
  15. Thunder . The last unique weapon from the expansion can be found in the basement of the Grand Colonial Hotel. You can get there through the kitchen. Go downstairs and look for the corridor with the letter B behind the messenger dining room. Go to room B2, bend over and make your way into the adjacent room.

In addition to unique types of weapons, the game has three scientific ones. Let me remind you that scientific weapons have some special effects and characteristics, which makes their use funny and unusual.

Scientific weapon number 1 - Dawn

This weapon magnetizes the affected target with a certain chance. As soon as the target gains the effect of magnetization, after a short delay, it begins to pull all nearby enemies to itself. The higher your character's science, the faster you can magnetize the target. You cannot modify this weapon.

To get the item, you need to complete the Runaway Milkmaid side quest. To start the quest, talk to Mildred Lennox, who is standing next to the hunting supplies store in the Fauna Exploitation Center. To complete the mission itself, you need to find Betty the milkmaid and return her to Mildred. Go behind the hunting supplies store and head west to find a small area with beasts. Here you can go in different ways. You can either finish off all the enemies so that Betty will automatically return to Mildred, or carefully sneak up to the automaton and interact with it. You can pass the engineering check, and then hack Betty. If all goes well, she will go to Mildred.

Science weapon # 2 - Needler

Of the three new scientific weapons, the Needler is perhaps the best. It can use three different types of ammunition, which you can switch between. Some ammo deals damage over time, others reduce armor, and still others slow the target. To switch to other ammunition, just press the reload button. And at the same time, the very reloading for the weapon is not required! He has unlimited ammo.

You can get an item in several ways:

  1. Choose the side of Elena Alkyonskaya. Continue to complete story missions in the mission "Naked Guess". This quest is unlocked after you tell Ludovico the name of the assassin (whatever). Then head to the Rizzo Distillation Station. Use the terminal inside the factory (the elevator is outside, on the side, don't go through the main entrance) to find Elena. Pick her side. leave the factory and return to the penthouse where Elena will be. Ask her for a weapon. But in order for her to pass it on to you, you need a level 40 of Persuasion.
  2. Pick a side of Ludovico. Everything in the same place will need to choose the side of Ludovico, and then visit the navigational control room and kill Elena. Take the weapon from her corpse. By the way, in the first case, upon completion of the storyline, the Needler will have to be returned.

Science Weapon # 3 - Spectral Gatling

This is a weapon with a constantly increasing rate of fire (the longer you shoot, the higher it is) and different ammunition, which simply alternates after each shot. However, the level of damage dealt will directly depend on your Science skill.

To unlock Spectral Gatling, you need to complete the “Where does the Spectral Lead” quest. To start the quest, go to the purple gardens and visit the laboratory, where you will find yourself in the storyline quest. Use the terminal where the doctor's corpse lies and examine the records. To open a flask with a weapon, you will have to collect 8 varieties of Spectral Vodka. 

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