Hitman 3 announces the first part of its DLC Seven Deadly Sins, focused on the deadly sins


Hitman 3 new dlc

Seven Deadly Sins is the new DLC for Hitman 3; In its first part, the cardinal sin of greed will be faced.

Hitman 3's path is far from over. After a successful launch and a February full of news , IO Interactive has announced a new DLC for this March, Seven Deadly Sins , which will focus on the 7 Deadly Sins from Agent 47's perspective.

Seven Deadly Sins for Hitman 3 is part of seven contents , each focused on a cardinal sin , and it has been confirmed that the first will be greed. Agent 47 will have to fulfill a series of objectives to get gold coins , as a representation of this sin.

The creators of Hitman 3 have announced Seven Deadly Sins with a new trailer, as part of the title roadmap for this month. The first part, Greed, will arrive on March 30 on PC and consoles, at a price of $ 4.99.

For those players who want to get the full DLC, they can already do it for $ 29.99 , and the new sins will be added as they are released. All of them will have the same price separately, although at the moment only the DLC of Greed has been detailed.

Hitman 3 new DLC

The main novelty of the first part of Seven Deadly Sins is the contract '' The Greed Enumeration Escalation '' , which will take place in an alternate version of the Dubai level . Additionally, players will be able to enjoy a new costume for Agent 47, named Rapacious, and two unlockable items : Devil's Cane and Greedy Little Coin.

Greed is the first content in the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, and the release date of the other six content is unknown at this time . Of course, they will cover the rest of the deadly sins: Pride, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Laziness , each with a thematic mission and a main objective.

The first part of Seven Deadly Sins will hit Hitman 3 on March 30 , available on all platforms. You can get it for only $ 4.99 , but be careful, don't fall into greed ...

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