How to download and install mods in Valheim?

 To install mods in Valheim it is as simple as locating the path where you have the game installed. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Steam library and right-click on Valheim.
  2. Hover over Manage and click View local files.
  3. A folder will appear where the game files are located.

Depending on the mod you must add it in one place or another in the folder, so we recommend that you follow the author's instructions . To uninstall them and get the game back as before, follow the same steps, but instead of clicking on See local files, do it in Properties. Select the third tab, Local Files, and click Verify file integrity.

In most cases you just have to replace the game files with the mod files. In any case, we repeat it again: take into account the author's guide before making changes.

How to download and install mods in Valheim?

Best Valheim mods

Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus is a total mod. Modify and alter a multitude of elements that make the experience much more enjoyable. Changes such as the weight of resources, the amount you can carry of each, altered systems of energy use and regeneration, and so on. In short, it files rough edges from the original.


With this mod you will expand the possibilities of the command console. You can change the environment and the character whenever and however you want. Sktoolbox allows you to have more control over your game.

Loot multiplier

As the mod itself says: multiply the resources you find on the map. Either killing enemies, cutting down trees or grabbing them from the stage. You will get double.

Bigger item stack

Another simple mod, but really useful. You can increase the number of resources that you can store of the same type. You can take 10,000 tree planks, for example. Let nothing limit your inventory.

Cinematic valheim

Cinematic Valheim gives a new visual layer to the game. Modify the lighting to make the shadows darker and add the Bloom effect.

Source: Nexusmod

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