How to save the game in Subverse. Where are the save files in Subverse


How to save the game in Subverse. Where are the save files in Subverse

Extravagant Erotic Sci-Fi Parody Subverse has already made it to Steam, so now many players can check out the creation of Studio FOW Interactive. In the game, it is not always possible to save progress in the usual manual way through the game menu, so in this guide we will talk in detail not only about the possibility of saving it, but also about the location of the save files.

As you travel through the vast space in the company of the crew of the ship "Mary Celeste" (Mary Celeste) the game will open access to improvements to the aircraft, just like in the familiar traditional role-playing game. Players will also be able to expand the number of crew members and improve the in-game level of the hero, which will open up more obscene scenes with female Subverse characters. But first of all, players need to learn how to save all the accumulated progress and not lose it in the future.

How to save your game to Subverse

The game does not have a special indicator showing the process of saving. When you open the pause menu using the "Esc" key, the save button is displayed at the bottom of it. In most cases, the game does not allow manual saving to the current location of the hero. Players don't have to worry about losing all progress they made as the game automatically saves the game as they progress through each stage. This means that the player can leave the game at any time, since when loading his story he will again be at the beginning of this stage.

At the moment, the manual save function does not work and will be available later. Players will be able to save to the pause menu to save their current progress during combat scenes, but the game itself will automatically save at the end of each main section.

Where are Subverse save files

To find save files in Windows, players need to go to the following paths:

  • % LOCALAPPDATA% \ Subverse \ Saved \ SaveGames
  • C: \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Local \ Subverse \ Saved \ SaveGames
In the Linux operating system, save files are located in the STEAM Play Proton game client. To find save files in Linux, players need to follow these paths:
  • (Steam folder) / steamapps / compatdata / 1034140 / pfx /
  • ~ / .steam / steam / userdata / (user id) / 1034140 /
Please note that we do not recommend modifying or deleting these files as they may affect the course of your Subverse game.

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