How to set up the steering wheel in Forza Horizon 4. What to do if the game does not see the steering wheel


How to set up the steering wheel in Forza Horizon 4. What to do if the game does not see the steering wheel

Forza Horizon 4 is the latest part of the Forza racing series. She was released on Steam on March 9, 2021. However, some users have encountered unexpected problems, primarily with the connection of the game wheel. In this article, we will talk about how to fix this problem.

How to connect a steering wheel in Forza Horizon 4

  1. First, make sure your game wheel is on the list of supported devices. You can get acquainted with it here . Pay special attention to wheels that are only for Xbox One (Xbox One only). It is undesirable to use them - errors may occur.
  2. Connect the steering wheel to your PC via a USB cable.
  3. Install the latest drivers and update the firmware if necessary.
  4. Start the game and open the Controls menu. Your steering wheel should appear there.
Please note that the device description must contain its full name (for example, Logitech G27).

How to connect a steering wheel in Forza Horizon 4

If instead you see the inscription VIDPID, then the steering wheel is not recognized correctly. In this case, control problems are possible. Try reconnecting it. If it does not help, use the Xbox 360 controller emulator. We described how to do this below.

What to do if Forza Horizon does not see the steering wheel

Make sure your computer recognizes the steering wheel as a separate USB device. If your PC does not "see" it, then the problem is in the USB port, cable or steering wheel. You need to find out which device is the problem. Try replacing the cable or connecting to a different USB port. The steering wheel can also be checked on another computer.

If the computer detects the steering wheel, but it does not appear in the settings of Forza Horizon 4, then the point is in the game itself. To fix this problem, use the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. You can download it here. Select Download for all games. Unpack the archive and install the emulator on your computer.

Emulator setup:

1. Click on the Issues tab and download any missing files.

Emulator setup

2. Click on the "+ Add" menu (optional) and select your steering wheel from the devices.

Emulator setup

3. Start Steam. Open "Settings", then - "Controller", "Basic Controller Settings" and check the box next to "Custom Xbox Controller Settings".

Steering wheel connection:

1. Use the LT and RT buttons to set the brake and gas pedals, respectively.

Steering wheel connection

2. Assign your steering wheel instead of one of the sticks.

Steering wheel connection

3. Assign free buttons to the buttons on the steering wheel.

4. Eliminate dead spots and adjust steering and pedal sensitivity. You can choose one of the ready-made sets of settings.

Steering wheel connection

Game settings:

  1. Make sure Steam detects your Xbox 360 controller by going to Settings and then opening Basic Controller Settings. A gamepad should be displayed in the bottom corner. If this does not happen, restart the emulator.
  2. Start the game. In the controller settings menu, select "Default Scheme 1".
  3. Make sure all buttons on your controller have their counterparts on your steering wheel.

If this method does not help, you will have to wait for patches. Or purchase a new gaming wheel.

Steering wheel adjustment

The steering can be customized to your liking. If you don't want to experiment, you can use our settings to ensure a comfortable ride.

Basic settings:

  • Vibration: off
  • Up / Down Gear: Off
  • Handbrake / Show Drives: Off
  • Switch view. Rear View / Camera: Off
  • Vertical axis inversion: off.
  • Toggle Anna / Telemetry: Telemetry
  • Beep / Photo Mode: Off
Steering wheel adjustment

Additional settings:

  • Inner dead zone of the rotary axis: 0.
  • Outer pivot axis dead zone: 100.
  • Steering linearity: 50.
  • Acceleration axis inner dead zone: 0.
  • Acceleration axis outer dead zone: 100.
  • Deceleration axis inner dead zone: 0.
  • Deceleration axis outer dead zone: 100.
  • Clutch Axle Inner Dead Zone: 15.
  • Clutch Axle Outer Dead Zone: 90.
  • Inner dead zone of the handbrake axis: 10.
  • Outer dead zone of the handbrake axis: 100.
  • Vibration level: 50.
  • Force the recoil scale to be used: 12.
  • Centering spring force: 200.
  • Steering damper force: 85.
  • Feedback: skid: 50.
  • Feedback: minimum power: 50.
  • Steering angle: 1.

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