How to Summon the Secret Dark Slime in Loop Hero


How to Summon the Secret Dark Slime in Loop Hero

Many developers like to leave little secret easter eggs in their games. Also enrolled in Four Quarters, which recently released the gameLoop Hero in rougelike genre. The studio has added a unique enemy, the Dark Slime, which can only be encountered on the battlefields if special conditions are met. In this guide, we'll go into more detail on how to perform the required sequence of actions to unlock an unusual enemy.

What needs to be done to summon the Dark Slime

How to Summon the Secret Dark Slime in Loop Hero

Not all players know that in the first demo of the game, the appearance of a black slug was considered a bug. The developers did not change this error and left this opponent in the game. Despite the presence of a large number of cards used in the game, it does not take too much action to face the black slug in a duel. First of all, you need to go through the prologue, in which the player will be told about the main mechanics of the project. After inspecting the camp, we go to the first chapter and go to the original path for the first circle.

After a few skirmishes, access to the "Oblivion" map will open, which allows you to remove any monsters from the road and destroy the installed map in this location. We do not use the card and follow on to find the Spider Cocoon card. We install it at any point next to the road and go forward along the path. We wait until the end of the first day and destroy the previously installed spider cocoon with the help of the Oblivion card.

Now the hero needs to walk along the road to the adjacent location with the destroyed spider cocoon to find the cherished black slug (Dark Slime). We defeat the enemy and continue to clear the territories from enemy targets. Upon returning to the camp, the kill statistics will display the victory over the black slug.

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