If Genshin Impact brings in a new hero, they'll make $ 12 million in a day


If Genshin Impact brings in a new hero, they'll make $ 12 million in a day News

The game Genshin Impact was a surprise hit for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2020. But many will be amazed at how much money the gacha game made via mobile. It has already made $ 1 billion worldwide on iOS and Android. The Chinese and Japanese are crazy about the game and about the heroes.

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Genshin Impact is the absolute money maker on mobile

This is Genshin Impact, especially in Asia , where it is a mega hit for mobile platforms. As the Sensor-Tower page now reports, the game has in the 6 months since its release on mobile:

  • $ 292 million raised in China
  • Raised over $ 278 million in Japan
  • cashed at least 189 million US dollars in the USA

After just 6 months, the $ 1 billion mark was broken.

After only 6 months, Genshin Impact cracked the “US $ 1 billion” mark via the App Store and Google Play, making them a “US $ 1 billion” game even faster than the mobile hits Pokémon GO, Lineage M or Clash Royale.

In China, Genshin Impact is still behind PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, but outside of China they are leaders.

How does Genshin Impact make so much money on mobile? As Sensor Tower knows, the revenue gushes especially on the days when new heroes come into play. Every hero who appeared in 2021 grossed at least $ 12 million:

  • Ganyu arrived on January 13, 2021 for $ 14.8 million
  • Xiao earned around $ 15.1 million on February 3
  • Hu Tao brought in $ 12.9 million on March 2

If Genshin Impact brings in a new hero, they'll make $ 12 million in a day News

While "only" about $ 5.8 million are taken on a normal day, the new Champs make the cash register ring a lot.

Where do these numbers come from? The values ​​from Sensor Tower relate to estimates of their algorithm, what games implement in the App Store and Google Play stores. So the numbers are not official.

If you consider that Genshin Impact has also appeared on PS4 and PC and was also successful there, the actual income from Genshin Impact should be a lot higher.

Genshin Impact uses a controversial "gacha system" to make so much money. A YouTuber points out the dangers of this gambling system.

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