Keanu Reeves: His comic book available in the United States

 When he is not an actor, musician, or video game character, Keanu Reeves lends himself to the exercise of comics. Unveiled last year during the opening of its Kickstarter campaign, the book offers an outlet on US soil.

During the summer of 2020, the protagonist of Matrix presented us with BRZRKR , a project supported by Boom !, and produced alongside Matt Kindt ( Mind MGMT) for the writing, and Alessandro Vitti for the drawings. On Kickstarter, more than 14,000 people were mobilized to raise the sum of 1,400,000 dollars, ensuring the realization of the comic. The first volume of this limited edition of 12 issues was released yesterday in the United States. You can get the English version on Amazon.

In Washington Post columns , Stephen Christy, president of development for Boom !, highlighted Reeves 'speech about his creation: “He said, ' I did kung fu in 'The Matrix'. I did kung fu in “John Wick.” And now I want to create a whole new hyperviolent fighting style with “BRZRKR” . ” Side scenario, we follow Berserker, a demigod with regenerative powers, who bears the features of the American actor. On behalf of the American government, the character takes on missions that are too dangerous for a mere mortal. To the reporter of Usa Today , Keanu Reeves tells to have pitched " this character born 80 000 years ago " in 2019 at the publishing house. And to add:

I had this image in my head of a guy who fought through the ages because of his father's obsession with violence.

Keanu Reeves: His comic book available in the United States


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