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Loop Hero Walkthrough - Guide and Game Tips

 Loop Hero tips, hints and tips: what buildings to build in the camp, what class to play, best builds, sequence of passing

Loop Hero is a roguelike game in which you control the game world to a greater extent than the main character. Your character moves along a looped road consisting of Wasteland cells. Each such cell has a 5% chance to spawn a slug every day. You move in automatic mode, but you can always put the game on planning with the "Space" key.

Basic mechanics of passing Loop Hero

During planning, you can equip the main character or place various tiles in the game world. There are two scales in the upper left corner of the screen. One shows when the day ends (many of the properties of the tiles are triggered once every one, two, three or four days), and the other - when the boss of the chapter appears on the tile with a bonfire. In the first chapter, this boss is the Lich.

Basic mechanics of passing Loop Hero

Your task is to go through several cycles, choosing the optimal mode that will allow you to collect the maximum amount of resources and equipment. If you feel that you are about to die, you can leave the world by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the screen. In this case, you will take with you 60 or 100% of the resources. It all depends on whether you are on a cell with a bonfire or one step away from it, or even further away (only 60% of the collected resources).

You will have to constantly return to your base to rebuild various buildings. They will simplify the further passage of the game. One building will provide equipment from the very beginning of the expedition, another will unlock healing potions, the third will provide new cards used in the game world.

There are many cards. Some are installed outside the wasteland, at least one cell away from it. Others are placed close to the wasteland, and the third - right on the wasteland, along the way you follow. It is important to find a balance between the number of tiles you are modifying the world with. Overdo it - get an excessive number of enemies who are most likely to kill your hero. If you are scarce, in this case you will not be able to collect enough resources and even more so to defeat the boss of the chapter. Each new chapter opens after defeating the boss of the previous one.

In addition, you can build buildings, which will be unlocked by the fighters of two other classes - the Dodger and the Necromancer. You will have a completely different gameplay for these characters, so I highly recommend trying out each one.

Loop Hero Walkthrough - Guide and Game Tips

Focus on class-specific parameters

Each class in Loop Hero is unique in its own way. There is no definitively correct and unique mechanic of achieving victory here. However, playing for different classes, I focused on the parameters below and was able to squeeze the maximum out of the heroes:

  • Warrior - pump your health to the maximum and look for equipment that activates its regeneration. Every second or per day.
  • Dodger - upgrade your attack speed, evasion and critical strike chance.
  • Necromancer - pump magical health (protective layer due to amulets), maximum skeletons, attack speed (it depends on how quickly you can summon skeletons).
Then you will need to use various items in the camp, which will strengthen these parameters.

Higher tier gear isn't always better!

It will be tempting to replace the used piece of equipment with a new one every time, focusing only on its digital level and / or color. But you should be aware that a higher level and brighter object is not always better than the previous one. The fact is that although this new item will give a more impressive increase in characteristics, these may be parameters that you are not interested in at all. Why, for example, focus on the regeneration of health points, if you have already completed several cycles in a row with a high supply of HP? Or if you already have a high attack speed, why then use another + 10% modifier? It is better to choose and leave a lower level item in the slots, if it is really more useful in terms of the provided skill. For example, equipment that increases the chance of a critical hit is extremely important for a rogue.

Higher tier gear isn't always better!

Let's list the main rarities of items:

  • Gray background - increases one stat
  • Blue - two
  • Yellow - three
  • Orange - four

Also keep in mind that statistics based on integers do not scale with you (that is, they do not improve despite the fact that with each new cycle, the level of enemies increases). In the early stages, it is better to focus on increasing magical damage, but in the future, such investments will seem insignificant. On the other hand, a 33% dodge chance or something like that would be much more useful. The Necromancer is the best example of how carefully you need to research equipment items. For example, a low-level ring can increase the skeleton limit by 1, which is much more important than a ring that provides extra HP.

Don't rush to the boss!

Each boss in the game appears on a bonfire tile. This will happen after you use a certain number of cards. Pay attention to the green bar in the upper left corner of the screen, which shows how many tiles you have already placed on the playing field and how much time is left until the boss appears. Therefore, follow the scale in order to understand exactly that you are summoning the boss at the moment when you have collected the necessary equipment, achieved improvement in parameters and, in general, are ready to confront the main enemy of the chapter. If you play indiscriminately all the cards in your hands, then the boss will appear much earlier. This is what you should avoid in most cases.

By analogy with items of equipment, when you drop them you earn valuable scrap metal, when you go over cards, extra cards will be discarded, and you will receive another useful resource to improve the camp. In reality, I try to play cards like rocks, mountains, and meadows slowly, unless it's really necessary. It's okay if you go through a few cycles without playing any cards! And the map "Oblivion" allows you not only to remove any tile from the game world, but also slightly reduces the scale of the appearance of the boss.

Don't rush to the boss!

Contiguous tiles can achieve unexpected effects

We talked about all such tiles in more detail in a separate guide. But in general, the principle is simple: do not throw meadows and other basic tiles anywhere. Place a meadow next to a mountain or cliff or other building to increase its efficiency. Likewise, mountains and / or rocks can be placed in 3x3 format to create a mountain peak that provides a significant increase in HP.

Bet on the foundry

The Foundry will unlock the Arsenal card, which will provide an additional equipment slot for any class. This is an invaluable card that will simplify your task of moving from Act 2 to Act 3 and 4.

Feel free to back down

If you ignore the dangers and often die, while losing 70% of the collected resources, then Loop Hero will seem like a very, very, very difficult game. On the other hand, if you are within a cage from a bonfire or on a tile with a bonfire, you can escape from the expedition, taking absolutely all the collected resources with you. Just use the button at the bottom right of the screen. Repeat this action, collecting full pockets of resources, and do not even think about the boss at first. Please note that you have a maximum lifting capacity. That is, at some point it is simply pointless to stay on the expedition.

Abilities are very important!

Village cards open up new experience and level mechanics. As soon as the character's experience scale is filled, you get 1 skill point, which you can invest in unlocking one of three skills of your choice. Try to focus on abilities that increase outgoing or reduce incoming damage. Resources and the like are less important options.

If you play as a Dodger, pay attention to the ability, which gives a 75% chance that the ratwolf will fight for you in battle. For the Necromancer, you should choose a skill that increases the skeleton limit by 1.

Abilities are very important!

Ruins can get in your way

Up to four giant worms can spawn in the ruins, which, apparently, can attack from a distance of one cell in any direction. Be careful not to place any spawning cages near the ruins. All the worms will appear in the back row, and this will complicate the task. You should definitely not place ruins next to the bonfire where bosses appear, otherwise during the boss fight you will also have to fight with worms.

Build watchtowers as soon as possible

Another base structure that needs to be built as soon as possible is the watchtower. Each of them adds one archer to the tiles by the fire. Archers deal a lot of damage to enemies in the back row. Upgrading your Watchtowers will increase your range, doubling their effectiveness overall. In the end, the bonfire tile will turn into a real nightmare for the enemy! Having three or four archers in battle, you can easily destroy the most powerful enemies. Even those damned worms! So, create as many mob-generating tiles around the fire as possible, and then build watchtowers. You will receive an incredible amount of rewards. Place Vampire Mansions, Battlefields, and Time Beacons to summon new types of enemies.

Build a river

Rivers are important cards for enhancing other tiles that increase the characteristics of the character. They double the effectiveness of everything they adjoin, and this bonus is cumulative if two rivers border the same tile. For example, if a flowering meadow is surrounded by two rivers, it will bring 12 HP (4 x 3) daily.

How to quickly pass Loop Hero (best build)

Pay attention to the build, which uses the following cards: Dodger class, Aresnal, Thickets, Dunes, River.

With this build, I managed to get through the later chapters in Loop Hero. Together with the "Arsenal" card, the Dodger gets a slot for additional equipment (amulet), which increases the HP level. With a good amulet and a decent level of evasion, you can complete cycles without even losing at least some basic HP. The card "Dunes" (reduces HP of all creatures) does not affect magical HP. Despite the fact that I play more and more "Dune" cards, which reduce the health of enemies and my hero, the magic shield does not suffer from their action. Thank you for this to the amulet that we opened through the Arsenal card!

And since I am not at all focused on the maximum HP, I do not install maps of mountains, rocks and meadows. Instead, I'm focusing on combining River and Thicket to ultimately gain + 300% attack speed. After that, most of the battles are over before I even have time to blink.