Microsoft bug can get unlimited Xbox Game Pass on PC


The author of The Spiffing Brit channel, who is known for his skills in finding various errors in games and services, managed to find a new bug. He discovered a serious security vulnerability in the Xbox Game Pass subscription on PC. All this time, anyone could get unlimited and practically free access to the service catalog.

Microsoft bug can get unlimited Xbox Game Pass on PC

The funny thing is that the enthusiast knew about the error for a long time. He repeatedly tried to warn Microsoft about the exploit through support calls. After half a year of silence and inactivity from the developers, the author decided to share detailed instructions on how to use the endless Xbox Game Pass subscription. In this way, he intends to attract the attention of the company so that it finally fixes the error. If this does not happen, then he will simply help everyone in need.

To activate the exploit, no complicated manipulations will have to be carried out. You just need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate once ($ 1 for a new user) or ask a friend for an account with an already activated subscription. After that, you just need to download all the games you are interested in, they will be available to you even after you change your account and complete the trial subscription.

After starting any such game, you will be prompted to log into your Xbox account, having passed authorization, you will get full access to all content, including multiplayer. The downloaded games will never be lost and access to them will be saved, and in order to get new games in Xbox Game Pass, you just need to create a new account and activate a trial subscription.

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