Microsoft could change the name of Xbox Live to Xbox Network


Microsoft could change the name of Xbox Live to Xbox Network

Some users report that Xbox Live could change its name in the future, adopting the name of Xbox Network.

Xbox Live has been Microsoft's online gaming service since the days of the first Xbox, but maybe that could change soon. Beyond a more substantial change or upcoming news , some users report that those in Redmond could change the name of Xbox Live.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation from Microsoft, although many users report this name change . Screenshots have been shared in recent days , and even The Verge journalist Tom Warren echoed this finding.

It all came from the latest update available for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One , which, among other things, fixed the Xbox controller disconnection error. From March 19, screenshots of the Xbox console operating system began to be shared, where reference was made to the Xbox Network .

There is a possibility that it is an error or a confusion , but it draws attention to how Microsoft will manage its services and subscriptions in the future. You already know that Xbox Live Gold could increase its price, but finally those of Redmond backed down and also eliminated the need to have Gold to play free to play titles , such as Fortnite.

Microsoft could change the name of Xbox Live to Xbox Network

Xbox Network would be the new name of Xbox Live, based on these new reports. We do not know if this change will finally take place or if it will bring new features to online play on Xbox, Windows 10 and xCloud. Possibility of playing online for free ? Game Pass merger with Xbox Live Gold? 

At the moment, both Tom Warren and insider Adam Fairclough have echoed this finding, but there is no official confirmation . If confirmed, Xbox would adopt a name similar to that of PlayStation Network, the online gaming network for PS4 and PS5, as a curious fact. 

We remind you that, currently, Xbox offers up to five different services to play in its ecosystem: Xbox Live Gold (online game), Xbox Game Pass for console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, xCloud (on mobile devices) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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