MMORPG has an innovative idea to make fishing more exciting


MMORPG has an innovative idea to make fishing more exciting

There is a new boss opponent in the MMORPG OldSchool RuneScape . Anglers fight this by catching fish.

Tunic Gameplay
Tunic Gameplay

What kind of boss is that? Tempoross was long considered a legend and guardian of the sea among the seafarers of the MMORPG RuneScape, which was very successful on Steam . But as it now turned out, the stories are true. Tempoross is real in the game and he's in a very bad mood.

To defeat the boss Tempoross, you have to shoot fish.

This is how anglers fight a boss in Oldschool RuneScape

How do you fight the boss? First of all, you need to reach level 35 in fishing. Then Tempoross appears. To fight him, speak to the ferryman Sathwood south of Al Kharid. He will take you to the ruins of Unkah, where the monster is.

Now it's time to defeat Tempoross.

Phase 1

In the first phase of the fight you are on your ship and have to operate the cannons. You don't load balls into this, but fish. More precisely, the Harpoonfish, as it can damage Tempoross with its pointed head. It is of course necessary to always have a supply of ammunition, which is why fishing is hip.

So you always have to fish, load the cannons and then fire at Tempoross. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, teamwork is the order of the day.

The boss strikes back and sends huge waves to your ship every now and then. Then it is necessary to tie yourself to the mast with a rope in order not to be washed away. In addition, the boss attacks with other attacks and makes your cannons unusable for a short time, for example.

Phase 2

In phase 2, Tempoross goes into hiding and attracts fish to regain his energy. You must now fish for these charged fish before they can reach Tempoross. This is how you prevent the boss from regenerating. If you manage to ensure that Tempoross does not charge 100% within the given time, then it disappears. Otherwise phase 1 begins again.

In this video you can see how the boss fight works:

What do the players say about it? The new boss fight started just a few hours ago. Accordingly, there are not so many opinions on it yet. Players are still in the process of defeating the monster and figuring out the best strategies. But this feature was also discussed in advance:

  • link5114 says on reddit : “I'm looking forward to it. I need something new to be able to enjoy fishing again. "
  • BioMasterZap would have expected a little more (via reddit ): “The boss fight sounds good. The only part of the description that I don't like is that "fun and sociable way to practice fishing". This type of skilling rarely happens through bosses. So some people are bound to be disappointed when there is hype for a new PvM boss and it's just a "fun and sociable way to train."
  • qpshu criticizes the appearance of Tempoross (via reddit ): “I don't think it's good that it's just a water elemental. A white whale would have been cooler. "

Just to clarify: The fight against Tempoross takes place in the old-school version of RuneScape.

What do you think of the idea that professions like anglers also get a boss fight? Would you like more of that in an MMORPG, or do you think boss fights are something that shouldn't affect professions?

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