Monster Hunter Rise will receive its second update at the end of April, adding Apex Rathalos


Monster Hunter Rise will receive its second update at the end of April, adding Apex Rathalos

Apex Rathalos is the main novelty of the second update for Monster Hunter Rise, which will arrive at the end of April.

Monster Hunter Rise is out now, so you'll be ready for the hunt on Nintendo Switch (it's out on PC in 2022 ). 

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We already told you that a launch patch for Monster Hunter Rise would be available today , supporting reservation incentives and solving some bugs. Capcom has revealed today the news that will arrive at the end of April , with a second update for the Nintendo Switch title.

The second update of Monster Hunter Rise brings important news, among which the inclusion of Apex Rathalos stands out . As you know, it is a variant induced by Wrath. When Rathalos is infected by this virus , he turns into an even fiercer and more fearsome version than the original.

But it is not the only novelty for the game, and it is that the limit of RC will be unlocked . This means that you will be able to earn CR points when you achieve your Hunter rank. It also highlights the incorporation of several new monsters, such as Chameleos , among others.

Capcom has also revealed that there will be a third update (still undated), which will stand out for adding an alternate ending to Monster Hunter Rise, as well as new monsters and creatures. It had already been leaked that there would be a new ending for the title, but now it is confirmed. 

On the other hand, the creators of Monster Hunter Rise already indicated that new weapons and armor would arrive for the game, through free patches and updates . We could even be facing a new phenomenon for Nintendo Switch , as Animal Crossing New Horizons already was.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for purchase, both in stores and on the Nintendo eShop . This is one of the best games in the Capcom saga , so don't hesitate to embark on this adventure and compete to be the best hunter in Kamura Village.

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