My Hero Academia dates more news about its third film

My Hero Academia dates more news about its third film

 " My Hero Academia " is preparing to return to action in a mere matter of days, when the long-awaited premiere of its fifth anime season takes place . On the other hand, we must not forget that during this same summer we will also have the premiere of the third animated film of the franchise , for which we do not yet have a specific date. However, this is something that could change very soon.

My Hero Academia will release more details on its new movie next week

Then we will leave you with the tweet through which we have been able to know when it will be that "My Hero Academia" will give way once again to his next film:

As we can see, the news for the feature film will be given by the premiere of the fifth season of the anime . In such a way, it will be with the first chapter of the season in question, which refers to an original episode - potentially the recapitulation to which we have become accustomed -, that we will be able to learn more about film number three of "My Hero Academia" .

In case of doubt, the broadcast of the aforementioned episode, and therefore the news for the film, will take place on March 27, 2021 . As we have discussed on other occasions, it is possible that season and film end up being very close to each other, so this summer of 2021 could be one full of content for lovers of the Kouhei Horikoshi franchise. 

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