Netflix to air 40+ anime series in 2021

Among them there are both previously announced projects and completely new stories, the details of which the creators promise to share in the near future.

Netflix to air 40+ anime series in 2021

 About 40 anime series will air on Netflix in 2021. The company representatives announced this on Twitter. The service revealed the details of some projects during the anime festival AnimeJapan 2021. Details of the remaining films are promised to be shared in the near future.

An adaptation of the manga "The Tale of the End of the World" (Record of Ragnarok) about the battle between the gods and people will be released in the online cinema. The premiere is scheduled for June. Also on Netflix will be Yasuke, a story about a black samurai in ancient Japan; "Eden" - a series about a future world inhabited by robots; "The Householder's Way" is a film about a yakuza boss who decided to tie up with a criminal past, and many others.

On March 26, it became known that Netflix had acquired the rights to show Silver Skates. The film's producer announced that the film would be translated into dozens of languages, but did not name the exact date of the premiere. 

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