New big action RPG for Magic is already starting now - but hardly anyone will notice


New big action RPG for Magic is already starting now - but hardly anyone will notice

The new action RPG Magic: Legends started in the open beta and is already free for all testers. There is also no more wipe. Everything you achieve in the game will remain. In concrete terms, this means: the game is actually already there, just not quite finished.

Untitled - August 11, 2022
Untitled - August 11, 2022

What is Magic: Legends? The new Free2Play ARPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World takes place in the huge fantasy world of the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. You embody a so-called planeswalker, one of the most powerful creatures in the world.

The gameplay is based on classic Hack'n'Slay titles such as Diablo, but brings its own elements into the game with rotating abilities and a system of card decks, classes, equipment and artifacts. 

The start of the open beta is actually the soft launch

This is the beta: Since March 23, 2021 you can play the open beta of the new ARPG on the PC via the Arc Launcher and the Epic Games Store. Everyone can take part, there are no restrictions.

You can test all classes of the game as well as the story and various missions that you can repeat and play on up to four levels of difficulty. There is also a cash shop and endgame grind to be tested, through which you can get more cards. Cards, or “spells”, are abilities in Legends that you equip your character with.

Exactly this label of the “beta” is one reason why many players do not quite see that they can already play most of the content. Magic: Legends is currently not just in a test, but in a preliminary version that players can play earlier - and which the developers are simply still working on.

This is why “beta” is a deterrent for many: A beta is an unfinished version in most full-price games in which players are supposed to test certain areas. Often only very selective content is opened for this purpose, or the testers already have fully equipped characters available so that they can fully test exactly this content.

That is why what players earn in a beta is often deleted after the beta has ended (a so-called “wipe”). This ensures that all players are up to date with the release - testers only receive a small thank you in the form of cosmetics for their help. And finally, the game should also be bought, which is why not everything was shown right from the start.

In Magic: Legends - and in many other Free2Play games - this is not the case. The beta is still incomplete, but still the early release of the actual game.

Not just beta, but pre-launch

Why is Legends starting now? The progress you make in the beta will be carried over into the finished game (no "wipe"). That means: if you are already playing, you can, in principle, start Magic: Legends earlier, before it even celebrates its official release.

Such a procedure is also called "soft launch" in gaming and Free2Play games in particular often use it. Players can start with a beta that is not yet fully finished and have no loss when the game finally appears.

This is an advantage for everyone who is looking forward to Magic: Legends and simply wants to gamble earlier. After all, you don't have to wait any longer, you can get started right away. However, such a launch also has a catch.

He here is the “Dimir Assassin”. This causes displeasure among players.

That's the downside: Magic: Legends isn't finished yet. Despite the "soft launch" and the fact that it is almost fully playable, it is still in an unfinished beta state.

So gamers will still be able to find unpolished gameplay, bugs, and incomplete features. With their feedback, they then help to signal the developers where there is still room for improvement.

And as it currently looks, there is still plenty of room for improvement. The first reviews of the beta are clearly negative . What bothers gamers most is that the content doesn't feel complete.

What will still change before the release? The developers use the beta phase to fix bugs or even implement new features. Until the game is officially released, there are likely to be a number of updates. Even after the release there will still be new content.

What exactly is in these updates depends to a large extent on the players who are already testing. Depending on the feedback you give and what you consider important, you can influence which areas the developers dedicate themselves to.

When exactly Magic: Legends will be officially released has not yet been revealed. But it should happen in 2021. In addition to the PC, the finished version will also appear on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and, via backward compatibility, on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X | S.

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