New leak on Genshin Impact shows characters and information about Update 1.5


New leak on Genshin Impact shows characters and information about Update 1.5

Leaks for the upcoming update 1.5 of Genshin Impact show 2 new characters and some information about what you can expect in the update. We  have collected this information.

Who is Eula? Eula was one of the characters that was playable in the Genshin Impact beta.

  • Weapon: great sword
  • Element: Cryo
  • Rarity: 5 stars
Not much is known about Eula's backstory. She is one of the characters from Mondstadt and belongs to a very old noble family. She holds the rank of “Spindrift Knight” and is the captain of the reconnaissance unit of the Knights of Favonius.

What Eula Can Do: Eula performs a 5 hit combo with her normal attack. Her elemental attack deals cryo-damage and gives Eula a charge from the "Grimheart" buff. This buff increases Eula's defense and makes her more resistant to interruptions.

Holding the elementary skill consumes the collected Grimheart stacks in an AoE cryo attack. The opponents also receive a debuff that reduces their physical and cryo-resistance.

Her Elemental Burst "Glacial Illumination" deals AoE Cryo damage and summons a sword that hovers next to Eula. All attacks that cause damage to enemies charge the sword with energy. As soon as the sword's dwell time on the battlefield ends, it causes a powerful explosion with physical damage. The damage scales with the amount of energy stacks the sword has collected.

In a leak video you can see what their attacks look like: 

But keep in mind: This is leak information on the one hand and information from the beta test on the other. It is therefore possible that this information will differ from the actual release status.

Who is yanfei?

  • Weapon: catalyst
  • Element: Pyro
  • Rarity: 4 stars
  • Constellation: Bestia Iustitia 

Just like Eula, there isn't much background information on Yanfei's story and what role she plays in the story of Genshin Impact. She is one of the characters of the city of Liyue and is known there as a legal advisor.

She is described as “brilliant” and the blood of a divine beast is said to flow in her veins, just as it is already the case with Ganyu.

What Yanfei Can Do: The normal attack is a fireball that deals pyro damage. He also awards the “Scarlet Seal” buff, which can collect up to three charges and reduces Yanfei's stamina consumption. Additional charges extend the duration of the buff.

Yanfei's elemental attack deals Pyro damage and instantly grants 3 Scarles Seals when it hits enemies. Your charged attack consumes stamina and all Scarlet Seals collected in an AoE pyro attack. More seals here mean greater range and strength of the attack.

The Elemental Burst “Done Deal” fires a burst of fire, which also immediately awards 3 Scarlet Seals and additionally the Buff “Brilliance”. On the one hand, this increases the damage of Yanfei's charged attack and, on the other hand, gives her new Scarlet Seals at regular intervals to further strengthen the charged attack.

You can watch a little video about Yanfei here: 

The same applies here: Enjoy with caution. It is information from leaks and it can change with the release of the character.


Info snacks for update 1.5

This information about update 1.5 is available: There were also a number of smaller info leaks about the next update of Genshin Impact:

  • Zhongli gets a second chapter for his storyline. It is therefore speculated that the Zhongli banner will return in 1.5
  • Qiqi gets its own story quest
  • Diona will be available as a new character in the invite events, similar to Barbara and a few other characters currently
  • Noelle gets a continuation of her invitation event
  • New event called Peculiar Wonderland. Players will have to follow directions on their map to find the entrance to Wonderland and complete challenges there
  • New weekly boss named Dahaka, a Geo-Vishap
  • Two new artifact sets “Last Act of Foolishness” and “Tenacity of the Millelith” 

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