New Mod brings one of the most famous areas from WoW to Valheim


New Mod brings one of the most famous areas from WoW to Valheim

In Valheim you can now visit the continent of Northrend from one of the best expansions of World of Warcraft . This is made possible by a new mod that, in addition to the large continent, makes new areas accessible and even grants new loot.

What kind of mod is that? The mod has the simple name "World of Warcraft - Northrend" and transforms your map into the famous continent from WoW. This is more than just a “seed” , i.e. a reshaped card. The mod was released on March 25th on NexusMods and comes from the user "Drakoman The Fox".

What is Northrend? The continent is the area in which the entire second WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King took place. Here the prince Arthas Menethil ruled as the "Lich King" and commanded the undead scourge that invaded all of Azeroth - the world of World of Warcraft.

Wrath of the Lich King, WotLK for short , was considered one of the best expansions of WoW and a marriage of the MMORPG. With Nordend as a map for Valheim, many WoW veterans should feel a little back in time.

Many areas such as the Grizzly Hills, Icecrown and Borean Tundra have been recreated with the biomes of Valheim. But the mod is also worthwhile for brave Vikings who haven't played WoW. Because it brings some changes and new content. You can even find new prey.

This is what Nordend looks like in Valheim.

New biomes and new loot

What exactly does the mod do? With the mod you get the entire, replicated continent as well as content that is otherwise not available in Valheim. For example, you can find sunken crypts that normally only exist in the swamp, also in other areas.

The three previously unused biomes Fog Lands, Ash Lands and Far North will also be filled with enemies and dungeons. Since Nordend is the land of the undead, Draugr settlements can be found in many places.

In the Aschelanden and the Deep North you will also discover new loot that is not otherwise in the game. Which exactly this is is not mentioned in the description.

New Mod brings one of the most famous areas from WoW to Valheim

The world itself is mostly covered in snow, so you will be traveling in mountains or in the deep north. Since these areas are generally a bit more difficult due to their cold, Northrend is probably a quite challenging place.

However, important sights such as the Frozen Throne itself or the dungeons of the expansion are missing. In addition, Dalaran is nowhere to be found - especially because nobody has (yet) been able to build a flying city in Valheim.

How do I install the mod? In any case, make a backup of your world and your character first. 

Then visit the World of Warcraft - Northrend website on NexusMods and download the appropriate files. Unzip it in the folder "AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ worlds".

You also need more mods for Northrend to work properly:

Only with these two mods is it possible for Northrend to be displayed correctly and for you to receive the new loot. Better Continents and Epic Loot can best be installed via Vortex, the downloader directly from NexusMods. 

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