NieR Automata and the Evil Within are better on Xbox Game Pass on PC: what's new and troubleshooting


NieR Automata

The versions that have made their way to the Xbox subscription service are different and better.

These have been very big days for Xbox and all its fans, who after confirming the purchase of ZeniMax by Microsoft , has added many video games to the Xbox Game Pass , and more that will arrive in the coming days, such as the long-awaited indie Narita Boy . Two of the video games that have arrived on PC Game Pass recently have been NieR: Automata and The Evil Within , and it seems that they have come with surprise.

The PC versions of these video games have been criticized by gamers because they had performance problems , regardless of the quality of the user's computer. For example, in the case of NieR: Automata, Kaldaien's Mod is famous, a file created by a fan that made the game much more stable and, consequently, that it played much better .

Square Enix never got to update the game, but the version that has made its way to Xbox Game Pass appears to have fixed performance issues according to IGN, and has new graphics options . This version is NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition (it carries all the content), as confirmed by QLOC , responsible for this adaptation. The enhancements, also announced by the studio, add HDR , FidelityFX , full-screen borderless image and 4K interface textures.

But the good news doesn't stop there : The Evil Within on PC Game Pass is better, too . Shinji Mikami's game, widely applauded and loved by fans, performed poorly on PC. Now, the youtuber Jigzaw_Killer, speedrunner of the game and who knows it perfectly, has shared the news he has noticed about the video game in his version of the Game Pass on PC, as GamingBolt has collected.

The content creator thinks that basically this version is a kind of remaster . "They added a first person mode option with FOV adjustment , a mode with infinite ammo, new icons for the first person, options to adjust the camera movement, adjustments in resistance, and the game feels more fluid ", has assured.

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