Nintendo Switch: games to watch in March 2021

Nintendo Switch: games to watch in March 2021

 Who says new month, says new games for Nintendo's hybrid console. To find your way among the few releases for the coming month, we offer a selection of games to watch in our opinion, all listed in order of release.


The title is a life simulation developed by Natsume and published by Rising Star Games. After Harvest Moon: Light of Hope in 2017 and the Mad Dash spin-off in 2019, this new opus features a new graphics engine and promises a whole new way to explore Harvest Moon. The game offers you a farm simulation in an "entire world" to explore, all with the presence of new familiar faces.

  • Available March 05, 2021


Mundaun is a horror adventure game developed by Hidden Fields. The title puts you in the shoes of Curdin, a young man who travels to the eponymous town of Mundan to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of his grandfather. You will therefore have to solve many puzzles and deal with a fear system that will disorient you at times.

  • Available March 16, 2021


The title from Xseed Games is the first installment in the main series to be released on Nintendo's hybrid console. The story takes place in Olivillle where your goal is to bring your grandfather's farmland back to life. Oriented to life simulation, you will have to cultivate your land, find love, discover new animals and plants as well as develop your small house. You will find the Pouse and Normal modes in a new system allowing you to highlight the new features. And finally, no less than 200 events will liven up your life as a farmer.

  • Available March 23, 2021


The new installment of Capcom's flagship license is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is located in an unprecedented region inspired by feudal Japan. This opus takes up some mechanics of the World episode and introduces monsters unknown to the battalion, including, for example, the monster Magnamalo. It also introduces new gameplay possibilities with the Filoptera, a new tool in the form of a sort of insect grapple and which allows aerial maneuvers. Finally, in addition to your Palico, you can also count on your new Chumsky companion, and use it as a mount.

  • Available March 26, 2021


The title directed by Yuji Naka is the Square Enix action-platform game in which you play as Leo and Emma as they explore the world of Wonderworld, a timeless world, led by the enigmatic master of ceremonies, Balan. You will therefore have to go through twelve tales using more than 80 costumes, allowing the characters to use different abilities and in addition to that, you will be supported by Tims who can flush out objects and attack your opponents. Note that the game can also be played in local cooperation.

  • Available March 26, 2021

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