Nintendo Switch update 11.4.0 is coming very soon: these are its news


Nintendo Switch update 11.4.0 is coming very soon: these are its news

At the moment we will continue to wait for said update 11.4.0 to be available on Nintendo Switch.

It has been several months since the last Nintendo Switch update arrived , specifically it was last December , only that time it introduced many changes to the user interface . For example, news such as prioritizing downloads or the Nintendo Switch Online icon on the HOME menu were some of them.

Now, after 3 months, it seems that Nintendo is preparing to implement yet another update to the list of those already available on the console. This time it is update 11.4.0 for Nintendo Switch , although now it is not that it includes many new features, since in fact it does not seem that it will be very significant.

On this occasion, the main novelties would be set around an improvement in the stability of the system , because almost whenever time passes after an update, continued use must be corrected . That is why, for users, these types of updates are released from time to time so that playing with the console does not become a nuisance or cause errors .

On the other hand, it is possible that they will also update the list of banned words in the console by adding a few more new ones, but from this it is not yet clear if it will happen . We will be waiting for this new update to occur on the console .

If you have tried to update manually from the configuration of the console , it is very likely that you have received the error of the version 11.0.1 of Nintendo Switch is the current one and it is already updated . 

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