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Now you can sign up for Hogwarts classes online and totally free


Now you can sign up for Hogwarts classes online and totally free

If you are still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts, now you can sign up for your favorite Harry Potter classes online and totally free.

The work of JK Rowling marked a whole generation, with millions of children (and not so young) following the adventures of the wizard Harry Potter and his fight against Voldemort. The Wizarding World inspired a host of readers, with many growing up and eagerly awaiting the Hogwarts letter to discover that they too had powers and could begin their journey as wizards and witches.

If you are one of those who was disappointed waiting for the owl, you still have your chance, since it is now possible to study at Hogwarts online and completely free. The initiative has emerged from a group of Harry Potter fans, who have organized a directory of the Wizarding World with a syllabus for a complete course. Hogwarts is Here , as the website is called, allows you to sign up for realistically organized online courses. 

The directory has different courses available for all levels, from first year to seventh year, and includes some of the most famous classes in the book series, such as Potions, History or Defense Against the Dark Arts. There is no time limit to finish the courses, so each student can finish them at their own pace, although they can also complete different tasks and homework created by the "teachers" and earn points for your home.

The Hogwarts is Here website works a bit like an RPG, since each student must create a character when registering (or use their own name if they wish) and choose which house they want to be in. An option is also available to join the dormitories of each house and socialize with the rest of the students. If going back to school is not your thing, you can also choose not to be a student during registration and to be a ghost or an expert in a magical area, which still gives access to all texts. 

Some have compared the initiative to Pottermore , the official online game that allowed you to create a character and "study" at Hogwarts, although these types of courses seem to be focused on more staunch fans wanting to acquire as much knowledge about the world of Harry Potter as possible and incidentally get an extra graduate.