One of the most popular skins in Fortnite is now getting a new sister


One of the most popular skins in Fortnite is now getting a new sister

With the last update, a couple of skins were leaked that will soon appear in Fortnite . Including the sister of a special skin from Season 2 - Chapter 2. We'll show you which skin it is.

This skin has been leaked: After Update 15.50 was applied, Dataminers found a few leaked skins that should appear in the next days and weeks.

In the leaks there was also a bundle that should come with skin, cosmetics and V-Bucks. The skin it contains is called Marigold and it is a woman who can turn into gold.

This is how the skin bundle should look like:

Midas's sister?

Who could the skin be? This new skin is the female version of Midas, or in other words: his sister. They look so similar and probably even share the same skills.

Midas was the Battle Pass skin from Season 2 - Chapter 2 , which you unlocked at level 100. It was not only its special appearance that made it so special, because it could turn all objects into gold - like the king Midas of the same name from the legend. 

His ability to turn everything into gold made Midas popular with some players, but his style variant, in which he continued to gild himself over time, probably made him a popular skin.

Midas is still up to mischief in Fortnite, because he appears again and again in the game, whether as a vengeful ghost on Halloween or even as a fish. The skin seems to be popular not only with gamers.

When does Midas' sister appear? It is not yet known when Marigold will appear in the game. But since it has already been leaked, it shouldn't be long.

It is also not yet clear how much the skin bundle will cost, because it also includes challenges to unlock V-Bucks. So it seems likely that it will be available for real money. We will see this as soon as there is more information.

Maybe we'll see Midas again at the end of Season 5 when his sister appears? It won't be long before the season comes to an end. 

Source: PCGamer

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