Outriders: The technomancer is the all-rounder class, but how do you play it?


Outriders: The technomancer is the all-rounder class, but how do you play it?

In the loot shooter Outriders you can choose from up to 4 classes. One of them is the technomancer. But what can he actually do? OkayGotcha introduces you to the all-rounder.

Since February 25th, players can try the Outriders demo. The four different classes can be played in it , including some skills. This includes:

  • The Assassin (Trickster)
  • The pyromancer (pyromancer)
  • The Destroyer (Devastator)
  • The technomancer (technomancer.

The latter should pass as an all-rounder. He stands out because he mostly uses gadgets and relies less on the crazy skills that the other classes have. For many, the technomant is an all-rounder. Why this is so, introduce you to OkayGotcha.

Have you already tried the Technomancer?

The technomancer can do almost anything

What exactly makes it an all-rounder? The technomancer has a balanced selection of skills, basic bonuses for weapons and self-healing and a powerful healing ability. This mixture makes him powerful as a supporter and damage dealer. If played correctly, it can withstand a lot.

These are the basic characteristics of the Technomancer:

  • Melee attack: Enemies can be frozen.
  • Healing Mechanics: Converts part of the damage done into life points
Standard bonuses
  • Increased ranged damage (+ 15%)
  • Increases life drain from skills (+ 15%)
  • Increases life drain from weapons (+ 15%)

These are the playable skills : In the demo four skills are playable, a maximum of three can be equipped at the same time:

  • Junk Shards: A proximity mine that deals damage to nearby enemies and interrupts bosses when using abilities.
  • Freezer Gun : An automatic turret that deals damage to enemies and can freeze them. It can be destroyed by opponents or disappears as soon as the duration of the skill expires.
  • Tormentor: A stationary missile launcher that can be placed and fires a wave of missiles forward. Each missile deals massive damage and interrupts enemies.
  • Plague Orbs: Your next magazine deals poison damage and deals 50% more base damage. The poison effect is also extended to surrounding enemies.

So his skills are well suited to freezing, poisoning and stopping large groups. The tormentor missiles and the mine can also cause explosive damage.

You strengthen your skills with equipment

What equipment should I use? Already in the demo you can create powerful combinations with appropriate weapons and rare (blue) equipment.

For example, you can have up to two motion mines, significantly strengthen your missiles, or pimp your guns properly. Here are some examples of any modifications that the demo has:

  • Initial Explosion: Tormentor causes an additional explosion that deals 100 damage to enemies within 5 yards.
  • More traps: You can drop an additional scrap splinter mine before the cooldown is activated.
  • Higher damage: Your freeze gun deals additional damage per hit.

upper body
  • Hail shot: The damage of the freezer gun is increased based on your skill damage.
lower body
  • Reserve magazine: Grants another magazine for plague balls before the cooldown is activated.
  • Frost Storm: Tormentor rockets gain a frost effect
  • Surprise: the freezer gun explodes before it is destroyed and causes damage within a radius of 6 meters
  • Improved Missiles: Each Tormentor Missile deals 16 more damage.

  • Critical Analysis: Increases the critical hit damage of Plague Orbs by 30%
  • Supplies: You can discard an additional scrap splinter mine before the cooldown is activated.
  • Greater range: Increases the range of Tormentor missiles by + 60%
  • Bonus duration: Increases the life of the gun by + 30%

Free choice of weapons

Which weapons are suitable? At first glance, ranged weapons like automatic sniper rifles, rifles, and repeating rifles are best suited for the technomancer. That's not wrong either. Rifles in particular come with deprivation of life and can thus additionally strengthen your self-healing.

But basically you can play anything that suits you. It is important that you deal constant damage and so constantly heal yourself. The modifications to the weapons also play a role.

Which mods are interesting? There are also powerful modifications to the weapons that go well with the Technomancer. The selection is already not to be despised in the demo. Here some examples:

  • Shield maiden: Shots generate a shield - especially on rifles, this skill provides good protection with self-healing, which in turn allows you to shoot enemies for longer.
  • Ruler of the Parasites: Killshots increase the deprivation of life from weapons by 20% for 20 seconds - so if you get kills, your healing from hits increases again.
  • Poison balls: Shots cause a poison effect on enemies. The cooldown is 8 seconds. - If you do without plague balls, you can still poison your enemies with weapons.
  • Ash balls: Shots cause an ashes effect on enemies. The cooldown is 8 seconds. - Similar to a frost effect, enemies are slowed down by ash effects, which gives you more time to shoot.

You can see how the technomancer looks in action in the video from YouTuber True Vanguard:

These are further skills: In the finished game there are a total of eight different skills. The remaining four will be unlocked at higher levels that are not yet available in the demo.

It is known that the Technomancer receives the skill “Tool of Destruction”, which unlocks a rocket launcher and a minigun. Later on there will also be a skill that will heal your entire group. It's the only group healing skill in Outriders. With later equipment and the missing skills, there is still a lot to do.

What do you think of the Technomancer? Have you tried it yet? Or do you prefer another class? Write us your opinion.

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