Pokémon GO makes special research on Shiny Mew a lot easier

Pokémon GO makes special research on Shiny Mew a lot easier

 In February, Pokémon GO published the special research "All in one... No. 151". However, even weeks later, nobody was able to complete it. That is why Niantic has now published an adaptation.

What kind of quest is that? The Kanto tour started on February 20th . Together with her, the new special research “All in one… No. 151” appeared.

The special research is quite complex and consists of four parts. In the second part you had to catch at least one Pokémon for 30 days in a row. But there is also another task that poses a major hurdle.

151 different PokéStops should be rotated for this. And that is exactly what Niantic has now adjusted.

What's new? In the future, only 151 PokéStops will have to be used in total. The change has no effect on the progress of the trainers so far, because nobody has caught 30 Pokémon in a row because the quest has not yet existed for 30 days.

Why was this change made? There is no official reason for the adjustment. But there was some criticism for the task.

  • For one thing, players from villages and regions that have few PokéStops complained that they simply didn't have the option to visit 151 different stops.
  • On the other hand, there is still a lockdown or at least movement restrictions in some countries due to the corona pandemic. Walking around there for so many PokéStops is not possible for everyone. 

Some players looked forward to "special challenge"

How are the reactions to the adjustment? While users from uninhabited regions see the change very positively, some users are also disappointed with this adjustment. You have already been looking forward to a real Pokémon adventure:

  • As the user Sausageinthebedroom writes: “That will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I was quite excited about the challenge of finding 151 unique stops. We (UK) are slowly coming out of lockdown so that I can explore areas that I didn't know before. But I can imagine that a lot of players don't have access to 151 stops, so this change was probably necessary. "
  • Well-thats-great agrees: "I was really looking forward to finding a route that would include 151 unique stops, so this is a disappointing change for me personally - I like challenges."

The electro event will run until Monday, March 22nd. 

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