Prequels and series derived from Game of Thrones, the jewel of HBO

Prequels and series derived from Game of Thrones, the jewel of HBO

 Up to 6 series derived from Game of Thrones could go into development! We talk about House of Dragon, The Tales of Dunk and Egg, Sea Snake, 10,000 Ships and Flee Bottom.

It's been almost two years since the controversial ending of Game of Thrones aired ! Without a doubt we can affirm, without danger of being wrong, that the HBO fiction revolutionized the serial scene, and in what way! In all this time there have been many plans to "continue" the television version of the literary saga of George RR Martin , but in some cases, everything has been in the water.

Let them tell Naomi Watts, for example, who was called to star in the first spin-off, canceled after the recording of a very expensive pilot episode whose budget amounted to 10 million dollars ...

Be that as it may, there are now firm plans to further develop the fictional Game of Thrones universe through various spinoff series. In most cases, we are talking about prequels .

The first to arrive and which is already in the recording phase in April is House of Dragon , based on the novel "Fire and Blood". We've even seen the first concept arts of dragons! It will take us to travel 300 years before what we were told in the original series.

In the case of The Tales of Dunk and Egg , very close to the mother series, only 90 years before, in other cases, much more distant such as 10,000 Ships , which will take us back a thousand years to know the foundation of Dorne by Princess Nymeria, one of the ancestors of House Martell.

Sea Snake and Flee Bottom ( Flea ) lead us to different parts of the geography of Westeros: the first will develop a character who previously presented us House of Dragon . We talk about Corlys Velaryon, the Lord Commander of the Royal Guard of Aegon I Targaryen and one of the representatives of the richest house ever known. As a counterpoint in the second case, we will visit one of the poorest neighborhoods in King's Landing.

And, for dessert, an animated series of which we have no other news than its exclusive announcement at the beginning of the year in The Hollywood Reporter and its tone, focused on an adult audience, like that of Game of Thrones.

Will all these projects go ahead? Which one do you think is more promising considering that interest in this entire Game of Thrones universe does not seem to have waned as much as it might seem at first?

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