PS5 games will be compatible with Denuvo anti-cheat technology


PS5 games will be compatible with Denuvo anti-cheat technology

PS5 will be compatible with Denuvo technology with an update; the anti-piracy system comes to the games of the Sony console.

Many PC games released in recent years carry Denuvo technology , a protection system used to prevent the use of cheats and cheats during online games, or even the hacking of the game itself. Now, PlayStation 5 has incorporated these protection measures  into the console's software creation tools, according to the Irdeto statement.

As part of an update, Denuvo tools will be made available to PS5 game developers and publishers ; It is a technology that, to date, was only available on PCs and mobiles. For example, games like Doom Eternal used it. It will be available to developers to use them or not.

Denuvo is the leading security company within video games , with a great reputation among studios. Over 1000 games use its anti-hacking technology, and it has 2 billion software installs over the years. 

With its arrival on PS5 and its video games, Denuvo strengthens its union with Sony PlayStation and its development studios, supporting up to 70% of its income, since the first two weeks are key when launching a new title. In this way, the anti-hacking and anti-cheating posture  in the console sector is reinforced .

PS5 games will be compatible with Denuvo anti-cheat technology

'' Cheating ruins video games for honest gamers . This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic, and lower revenue for game publishers. We are very proud to be able to help the world's most talented developers enrich their experiences for gamers on Playstation 5, '' said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Director of Denuvo.

The main focus of attention that Denuvo will have in PS5 games is the online section. More than 77% of players claim to have been harmed by cheats and cheats in online games, according to a study by the Global Gaming Survey , and now this will be much more regulated.

Without a doubt, good news for development studios to shield their PS5 games with Denuvo, to protect fair play and the situation of the video game industry. Denuvo is coming soon to PlayStation 5 .

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