Resident Evil Village will have "intense and terrifying scenes," says its director


Resident Evil Village will have "intense and terrifying scenes," says its director

Capcom explains that the game will not forget the terror that characterizes the series; they promise moments capable of making us feel shaken.

Resident Evil Village will not ignore the moments of tension and terror that have characterized the series in many of the installments, especially the first iterations. Morimasa Sato , director of the long-awaited Capcom video game, has declared in issue # 356 of EDGE magazine new details of what is presented as one of the most media titles of the first semester.

Capcom is hiding horror content to make it a surprise

As you know, one of the central themes of the Resident Evil saga is terror or fear, I just warn you not to take anything you have seen so far as an indicator that you can relax in terms of horror content ! There are many intense and terrifying scenes in the game, but we have chosen to leave them for you to experience yourself, ”he explains. However, they want to save surprises for the launch, scheduled this May. Capcom promised this past month that Resident Evil Village will be " the best survival horror to date ."

Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village | Capcom

Why Resident Evil Village opted for the first person

The interview addresses other topics, such as the use or not of the first person . At a certain point in development, Capcom considered regaining third-person view , but ultimately opted for a completely subjective perspective, as in Resident Evil VII.

“There were originally some opinions within the team that using the third person might offer a different kind of combat experience, but I think the first person perspective allows us to express the fear and despair of the Ethan Winters story. up close and personal .

In other news related to the project, Capcom has recognized that Resident Evil Village has inspiration in Resident Evil 4, aspects that can be identified with the naked eye through the setting, a more rural Europe, the return of a merchant, improvements in the weapons or the inventory, which will recover the system of exchanging individual squares for a briefcase.

Resident Evil 8 Village will hit stores in physical and digital format this May 7 for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. A version for PS4 and Xbox One will also be published that same day, but it will not have the same technical fidelity as the version of the new generation of consoles.

Source | EDGE # 356 ; via WCCFTech

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