#RipFortnite trending on Twitter - why? And is Fortnite really dying now?

 The online shooter Fortnite triggered a gaming hype in 2018 like no other game before it. In 2021, some now believe the game will end. The hashtag #RipFortnite is trending on Twitter. Twitch streamers like Tfue, Ninja or Nickmercs have left the game. We explain what's behind it.

#RipFortnite trending on Twitter - why? And is Fortnite really dying now?

What kind of trend is that? Before the weekend, March 26th, the hashtag “Rip Fortnite” was trending on Twitter. Several thousand tweets appeared under this hashtag, some could also be read on German Twitch.

Under the motto, players expressed their criticism of the just started Season 6 in Fortnite and a controversial decision by Epic Games.

This is not the first time that #RipFortnite has made it into the trends. The hashtag was already trending in April 2020: At that time, players believed that the new shooter “Valorant” would now herald the end for Fortnite.

We will see the trend again in March 2021.

Nostalgia, anger and disappointment of the "serious" players

Hence this criticism : The criticism of Fortnite this time comes mainly from "competitive players" who play Fortnite with ambition in ranked mode.

It annoys an announcement from Epic Games: The operator of Fortnite now wants players to refrain from betting money, the wagers. They told Twitch streamer Clix to stop betting or he would be banned from Fortnite.

These “wagers” are particularly valued by young professionals and their spectators, as they bring “spice” into play. The fans of these bets now feel that Epic is trying to take the fun away.

In addition, some changes in season 6 are criticized: Above all, the new "primeval shotgun" is seen as too strong.

The competitive players feel that Epic Games is neglecting them and not listening to their objections to the direction the game is taking.

Nostalgia resonates with much of the criticism. You long for the "good old days". At that time, the skill level of the players was even lower and you could win a game in Fortnite by focusing purely on your shooter skills and without mastering the game's complex construction mode to the last. 

“All streamers with personality are leaving Fortnite - Dead Game,” Tfue grumbles

Is Fortnite Really Dying ? The pure numbers that we know just do not support the thesis that Fortnite is dying:

  • At the wedding of Fortnite in 2018, the game had an average of 155,000 viewers on Twitch
  • In February 2021, Fortnite had 160,500 viewers - so the number of viewers has increased

But the names of the streamers have changed. One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Tfue, explains that many streamers who grew up with Fortnite have now switched to other games (via dexerto ):

  • Ninja now play LoL
  • Nickmercs show Call of Duty Warzone
  • Tfue himself is out and about in Minecraft

Tfue says: All streamers with personality have switched away from Fortnite and towards games that are fun for them. The streamers just don't need Fortnite anymore. So why should you play such a lousy game?

Fortnite is left "dying" with streamers with no personality.

One thing is clear: there is a generation change from Fortnite. Many games from the very beginning are tired of the game and are looking for alternatives. But many other, even younger players seem to be taking their place.

The idea "Fortnite is dead" arises from the point of view "If I don't play it anymore, the game is dead."

You can see from a development on Twitter that it is not that easy: In the aftermath of “#RipFortnite” there was also a countermovement “#ThankYouEpicGames”. Here players thanked for how well Fortnite has been developed over the now almost 4 years. 

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