Since yesterday Destiny 2 uses you as laboratory rats for a better PvP


Since yesterday Destiny 2 uses you as laboratory rats for a better PvP

In Destiny 2 , Bungie has worked on the melting pot algorithm, the strong players should now be evenly distributed. You should feel that in the current iron banner.

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It's about this experiment: If you let off steam in the iron banner of Destiny 2 in the evening hours of March 25th and wondered whether something is different here, there is a reason. Bungie has tweaked the PvP algorithm.

As the Destiny developer revealed in the latest TWaB (via ), the teams in a lobby are now divided differently - it should be fairer that way. This is in response to the June 2020 matchmaking changes that were designed to bring the fun back to PvP . Since then, the quality of the connection has been given top priority in the search for melting pot matches, the level of the other players only plays a decisive role in matchmaking in “Survival” (Comp).

Bungie and probably the Guardians themselves were not that satisfied with the removal of the skill-based matchmaking. Because the latest changes are based on your feedback and data that Bungie has collected.

Melting pot like in physical education at school

This is how you should imagine it now: Bungie himself writes: "With today's changes, we are updating our lobby equilibrium formula in the melting pot to balance the teams with a modified algorithm." That can be more vivid, right?

It then goes on more clearly with a comparison to physical education at school: You should imagine that 2 team captains choose teammates for their team. First captain 1 selects the strongest player, then captain 2 selects the second and third strongest player. Now it's captain 1's turn again and chooses the fourth best warrior and so on.

Balanced teams should ensure more fun and fairness

Specifically, in PvP this should ensure that there is no imbalance of strong guardians in a team. It is important that matchmaking is not directly influenced. The new balance only sorts the players already found in a round into both teams according to ability.

However, these are currently still tests that only work in the two iron banner playlists. Bungie would like to take a look at your feedback on this over the weekend. Later and depending on the experience of the players, the new algorithm is then extended to other PvP modes.

Roll over or be overrun, that is the question

This is how the guardians perceive the iron banner: Whenever the monthly iron banner event comes up, the guardians dust off their best PvP equipment. Because here there is only 4 times the coveted top loot for participating and with small quests the event weapons are automatically added to the inventory.

But often the matches are over very quickly. Because either you overrun the opposing team and in a few minutes the “grace rule” activates, which breaks off the round prematurely. Or else - which naturally happens a lot more often - you are mercilessly erased. This clear one-sidedness goes against the grain for many Guardians. After 3 defeats in record time, the motivation drops considerably and even as a winner you can barely complete forays.

Are those all iron banner problems? If the new balance within a lobby now specifically counteracts this, that would certainly be a big plus.

  • But even if the iron banner generously distributes top loot, the weapons themselves have unfortunately only been re-skins for a long time. Well, they come with new perks and some of them are really impressive.
  • However, the players can no longer see the event armor, which has simply been identical for years.
  • The players are slowly getting annoyed that Eisenbanner only ever uses the control mode. There are campfires here instead of flags, but the locking mechanism is largely to blame for the fact that good teams march through here so quickly.
Have you already felt a change in the iron banner yourself? Are the matches now balanced or are they still very one-sided? Give Bungie feedback and discuss with other Guardians in the comments.

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