Terraria has sold over 35 million and is the highest rated Steam game, beating Portal 2

 Re-Logic shares the fantastic data of the indie video game, present on many platforms.

One of the most successful indie video games of the last decade has been Terraria , the 2D Re-Logic open-world survival-building game. Last year, the studio already announced that sales of the game had exceeded 30 million , a goal that has already been left behind, because by the end of 2020 Terraria had sold more than 35 million copies on all platforms.

As reported by the study , 17.2 million have been sold on PC, 8.5 million on consoles and 9.3 million on mobile phones. Without a doubt, a huge success for the study, which has commented that they are " more than excited about what the rest of the year has in store for us." Of course, 2021 did not start very well, taking into account the dispute with Stadia , something that at least was resolved and the game is already on the Google platform.


"This all comes in less than a year since we celebrated crossing the 30 million barrier. Simply put, Terraria's strength has never been greater than it is right now. When we add all of that to what is yet to come. coming this year with more content, parity across platforms and even cross-play… the journey to Terraria is far from over ! ", commented the study.

Re-Logic, who thanked the support and affection of the fans, has also commented that Terraria has exceeded a Portal 2 as the best game valued in the history of Steam , as steam250.com , with 708,043 votes positive (98% ). The game, of course, continues to enjoy great popularity and last year, after a major update, half a million players were drawn to it on Steam.

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