That's why you should definitely get Meltan in Pokémon GO right now


That's why you should definitely get Meltan in Pokémon GO right now

One monster stands out in Pokémon GO this month and many trainers are unlikely to have it on their screen yet: Meltan! We'll tell you why the mysterious monster is this time's Pokémon of the Month.

Why is Meltan so important right now? The mysterious Pokémon Meltan is currently benefiting from a change that was only decided this month.

You can earn up to 6 XL candies per Meltan plus the 3 normal candies. Since you get Meltan in a wonder box anyway, so you can always get at least 60 Meltan, you can get tons of XL candy in no time.

If things go really well, you can collect enough candies and XL candies with just 2 wonder boxes to push Meltan from level 1 to level 50. Please note, however, that you can only get XL candies from level 40. Before that there is only normal candy.

This is the story of Meltan: The mysterious Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon GO in 2018. Back then, it popped up in heaps at Community Day with endive right after the event. At that time it was still transformed into Ditto, but a little later Niantic officially presented Meltan.

Meltan comes from the 8th generation and was supposed to establish the connection between Pokémon GO and the then new Let's GO games.

Meltan in Pokémon GO - Benefit from XL candies

How do you get Meltan? The mysterious Pokémon appears once through special research. After that you will only get it in a wonder box. There are currently 2 ways:

  • You swap a monster from Pokémon GO to the Switch game Let's GO, Eevee / Pikachu
  • You connect to the new cloud service Pokémon Home. If you interact there, there is also a wonder box for Meltan

The wonder box then works in a similar way to a smoke. When you use them, a kind of smoke circles around you that attracts Meltan for an hour. No other Pokémon is attracted by it, so you can catch Meltan for the 60 minutes in a relaxed manner.

If you don't have a Pokémon Home or the Switch game Let's GO, Eevee / Pikachu yourself, you can also connect to a friend's Switch game. There you also have to transfer a Pokémon over to receive the wonder box.

This is how it went for me this month: I myself set off a miracle box right after the change in the XL candy. I got a total of 6 XL candies with every Meltan. As a result, after just one wonder box, I have a proud 360 XL candies. More than enough to bring Melmetal development to level 50.

If I compare that to other Pokémon and the opportunities to earn XL candy there, that's a stark difference. Here I have to catch hundreds of monsters of one kind to get enough XL candy. The hour spent at Meltan cannot be compared with this.

Meltan is attracted by the wonder box - I recently dusted off loads of XL candies.

Do you even need Meltan? Meltan can evolve in Melmetal, making it a damn strong Pokémon. Melmetal is particularly useful in the PvP league and can also be used against rocket bosses with the right attacks.

In raids, however, there are better alternatives to Melmetal. But you can also use it quite well as an arena defender. There a specimen at level 50 is a bit stronger and can withstand more damage.

What else is up this month? Regardless of Meltan, there is currently a lot to discover in Pokémon GO. In March you can expect new shinys, events, raids and spotlight lessons. 

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