The 4 skins of March Brawl Talk, event prizes and challenges


The 4 skins of March Brawl Talk, event prizes and challenges

The Brawl Talk revolution of March 2021 completely changes the usual style with which to present skins in an update, a departure thought perfectly to show four aspects that are divided into two groups: direct to the store or free from challenges.

Dynamike, Penny, Bibi and the recently landed Stu , those are the four chosen by Supercell to star in the new versions in the form of skins in a Brawl Talk that provides a continuous touch in terms of setting with respect to season 5 of Ruffs in the Starr Force.

From there everything is different. Superstar Stu and Bibilante are the two most normal skins in the pack since they will appear from the store as usual, an alternative version of the specialist in testing the attractions of Starr Park with the most superhero Bibi seen to date.

The 4 skins of March Brawl Talk, event prizes and challenges

The other two versions come from challenges such as the Dynamike coach in PSG version, a coach that can be unlocked at the end of the month by overcoming the special challenge of nine wins on different Brawl Ball maps, also with the possibility of spending gems. to buy new opportunities if you don't get it the first time.

The second skin is that of Smuggler Penny (something like Smuggler Penny), a reward at the cost of star points that will appear in the new batch of rewards of the Power League, the replacement of the current game competition system that will divide the players in a competitive internal with different rankins.

Brawl Stars repeats the Starr Force formula to expand Season 5 content from space with a long-awaited update that fully exploits the game's internal competition with a much deeper ladder. Of course, of the 12 brawlers who have not received skin for 8 months, only Penny is saved , the rest are still waiting.

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