The action figures in an Australian official's office are classified as "psychological risk"


The action figures in an Australian official's office are classified as "psychological risk"

The controversy reaches Australian offices when the action figures of a high-ranking official are classified as "psychological danger".

It is very possible that many of you who are reading these lines have some kind of decoration related to pop culture on your office table or your office at work: a Funko, a mug, or even if you have space, some shiny action figure which is the right eye of your collection. However, in Australia, bringing these types of figures to work has long been at the center of a debate about "what is right or what is wrong".

One of the prominent names in the controversy is Gerard Boyce , vice chairman of the Fair Labor Commission of Australia . Boyce has an extensive collection of action figures in his office that has come under fire.

Long ago he had to remove some of the pieces from his collection, which includes everything from Captain America or Harley Quinn and the Joker figures to anime waifus that many may consider risque for a work environment.

But the funny thing is that Comcare , a government organization that supervises health and the work environment, has said that Boyce's figures do not constitute a danger to the health of the Commission's workers, but they are a "psychological risk." . There is not much explanation about that qualifier in the information collected by the Sydney Morning Herald , but of course the "scandal" that is being formed by the fact that someone has figures of this type in an office is quite striking. Some Australian officials have defended Boyce's right to have such figures in his workspace, such as the president of the Australian Mines and Metals Association.

What do you think? Are these types of figures suitable for a work environment?

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