The most interesting mods for Mordhau


The most interesting mods for Mordhau

If you have been playing Mordhau for a long time , then you probably managed to get imbued with the local atmosphere of the terrible Middle Ages and all these bloody battles with melee weapons. Nevertheless, thanks to mods, even the most addicting game can become even better or unfold in a completely new way.

We present to your attention a selection of the most interesting mods for Mordhau , which you should definitely try.

Black knight mod

The most interesting mods for Mordhau

Let's start with perhaps one of the wildest mods for Mordhau , which is guaranteed to quench your thirst for sadism. With the help of the Black Knight, you can cut off the limbs and head of enemies who are still alive. And even if you manage to take your head off your shoulders, the enemy will still move, and the battle with him will turn into a familiar scene from Serious Sam , where the Headless Rocketman is running at you with great speed.

It's also worth noting that Black Knight gives you the ability to raise severed heads and use them instead of a shield (at least that's what it looks like) or just throw them at enemies. In general, I do not know what is there with the psychological state of the author of this modification, but he did everything to make the Middle Ages in Mordhaubecame even more bloody and vile. Try it!

Late 15th Century German Sallet

Late 15th Century German Sallet

A purely cosmetic mod that adds late 15th century Germanic armor to the game. If you like history and you know exactly what the knights looked like in those days, then this modification will pleasantly surprise you. The author has been working on the mod for quite some time and regularly releases updates. He has managed to work out every piece of armor in such detail that your character is guaranteed to be the most stylish in Mordhau .

In addition, the Late 15th Century German modcombined several options for uniforms and it is possible to choose armor with a specific shade. They are practically no different, but due to the way the author of the modification plays with shadows, each of the variants of his armor looks interesting in its own way. I strongly recommend to all fans of coolly designed armor and Germany of the late 15th century to check it out.

Field of horrors

Field of horrors

Well, where without mods that radically change the gameplay. The author of this modification thought the same way and released Field of Horrors . As a result, with this mod, Mordhau can be turned into a medieval Tower defense that will captivate you for at least a few days.

Here you have to single-handedly deal with the waves of silent ninjas who will be taken by surprise in the vast open field. In the description for the modification, the author even wrote that he deliberately made the map as open as possible so that there was no opportunity to sit out somewhere. He decided to do this so that a feeling of hopelessness came to you and there was not a single minute to rest between the "waves" of opponents.

It looks pretty cool, largely due to the fact that the action takes place in an open field at night and there are literally a couple of torches from the lighting. Ninja sticks from different sides, and you never know where a whole crowd of opponents will come out of the thickets at you. Anyone who is already fed up with the classic Mordhau modes should give it a try.

Sword game

The most interesting mods for Mordhau

Here is a modification that adds a full-fledged analogue of the Gun Game mode to the game from the popular first-person shooters. If you suddenly do not know, then in this mode you start with the weakest weapon and with each kill you get a new wave for reprisals against opponents. The task is to make kills as quickly as possible in order to get to the most powerful weapon.

Surprisingly, such an unusual mode for playing in a medieval setting went to the players with a bang. This is one of the most popular Mordhau mods at the moment. A huge number of players liked to rush around the map in the hope of killing someone as quickly as possible and exchanging a hammer for a frying pan, and then for a sword, etc. For those who come to Mordhau purely "to get fun", the Sword Game mod is a must.

Parry this mod

The most interesting mods for Mordhau

Cold steel is, of course, good, but didn't you dream of picking up the barrel and just shooting in the head some player who constantly kills you with a regular frying pan? With the Parry This mod , you will be able to do this without the slightest problem, because it adds a model 1411 pistol to Mordhau.

It is worth making a reservation that with this modification everyone starts running around with pistols and the game turns into an FPS, but still the opportunity to punish another player appears with a firearm. This is the case when one small modification drastically changes the gameplay and makes you look at the game in a new way.

Coat Of Arms Roleplay

The most interesting mods for Mordhau

To be honest, I am even surprised that such mods were not released on the Mordhau release , because they were asking for it. With Coat Of Arms Roleplay, the game turns into a simplified analogue of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, because RPG elements appear in the game.

The modification adds an inventory, an economy system, several types of chats for communicating with other players, customization of equipment, professions and much more to the Mordhau economy. As a result, instead of a blunt chopper on swords, you get a full-fledged first-person RPG with a blunt chopper on swords.

In fact, the gameplay with this mod changes dramatically, which is why it is worth giving it a try. Besides the author of Coat Of Arms Roleplay intends to further refine the mod so that even more interesting features appear in it. You have definitely never looked at Mordhau from that angle.

StarWars Mod

The most interesting mods for Mordhau

Well, I would like to finish with the most ambitious and high-quality mod that has just been released for Mordhau . The creator of StarWars Mod decided it would be a good idea to turn medieval knights into Jedi and hand them lightsabers. Fans of the Star Wars universe will definitely appreciate, and those who do not know at all who Darth Wager and Master Yoda are will simply be able to enjoy a completely new setting of the game.

The modification not only changes the character models and adds lightsabers, here they almost completely shoveled all the standard modes and even began to add their own maps. For example, if, along with this mod, you also put Mustafar from the same authors, then you, suddenly, will be able to fight on Mustafar.

StarWars Mod is the most global mod for Mordhau so far , which gives you the opportunity to look at the game in a new way and get an incredible experience of battles with lightsabers in the style of science fiction. If all this is close to you, but at the same time you do not know at all what is going on in these "Star Wars" of yours, then try it anyway.

Here is a selection of the most interesting mods for Mordhau . I hope for someone the modifications from the article will be another reason to return to the game or finally get to know it, initially using mods.

Well, if you have been using some original mods for Mordhau for a long time and enjoy what they brought to the gameplay, then be sure to write about them in the comments.

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