The shortage of PS5, Xbox Series X and GPUs will be aggravated by the lack of semiconductors: there is already talk of "crisis"

 The shortage of PS5, Xbox Series X and graphics cards could be much longer than expected due to the lack of semiconductor components.

Since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, the possibility that Covid-19 could affect the production and stock of new generation consoles was discussed . The launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X confirmed these fears and months later the shortage continues.

There has been a lot of talk about all this, but it was expected that, as the months went by, the available units of consoles and graphics cards would increase. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not going to happen and may be more serious than expected.

As The Guardian reports , the shortage of semiconductor chips is being greater than anticipated and starting to get worse. There are several factors that are causing this situation not to improve over time.

There has been an increased demand for consoles, televisions, mobiles and other devices with the arrival of the pandemic and a large number of products require the use of these semiconductor chips. Of course, this not only affects Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, but also other industries such as the telephone industry.

The Guardian analyst Neil Campling commented: There is a 'perfect storm' of supply and demand factors here. Basically, there is a new level of demand that cannot be met. The whole world is in crisis and it is getting worse and worse.


Therefore, perhaps it is better to get used to the idea that getting a PS5, an Xbox Series X or different graphics cards will continue to be very complicated throughout 2021. 

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