There is a secret ship in Valheim, but nobody knows how to get it legally


There is a secret ship in Valheim, but nobody knows how to get it legally

The world of Valheim is still full of secrets for players to discover. One of them is a secret fourth ship that no one has ever been able to build. As an admin you can watch it, but nobody knows the recipe.

What kind of ship is that? It is an unspecified "trailer ship". It is comparable in size to the largest ship to date, the longship. It shares the same shape and cargo space for prey.

The big difference is that on the “Trailer Ship” you get a kind of pavilion on the deck, under which some boxes and barrels are stored, and that round shields are attached to the railing. However, these are currently visible without texture and only as an outline.

The “Trailer Ship” (front) compared to the longship. The design is identical, the empty circles on the railing are empty round shields.

You can enter the ship itself, load it and even sit down on the seats, but you cannot steer it. The rudder is attached but cannot be used, so the ship must stay in place. The sail is always reefed.

How do I get the ship? Similar to the secret sword Dyrnwyn , you can currently only get the "Trailer Ship" via admin commands. To do this, you have to be the boss of your own server or enter your own world. You will then receive the ship as follows:

  • opens the console by pressing F5
  • enter "imacheater" and confirm to activate the commands
  • types in "spawn Trailership" and confirms
  • the ship appears in front of you and then falls to the ground, so you should only do this in the water

The “Trailer Ship” - A ship without any use?

There is no other way to use the ship at Dyrnwyn. With Dyrnwyn there is at least one metal in the game with the fire cores that is likely to be used for the sword. At the moment there is no evidence that the trailer ship can be built. If you destroy it, you get the same materials that are needed for a longship.

The name of the ship may indicate that this is a holdover from development. Presumably the ship is only intended for demonstration purposes and just as a "trailer" - not for actual use.

However, so far only about half of Valheim's content is supposed to be in the game. There is more content to come and at least three new biomes that we already know about: Fog Land, Ash Land and the Deep North.

So the “trailer ship” may also be used at some point, after all, it is already in the game. It would be a shame to have the opportunity to leave such a pretty vehicle unused.

If you generally like the ships in Valheim, but can't use them as often as you want, there is a trick. In order to be able to sail more often with your Karve or your longship, simply dig a channel across the islands . With the right technology, this can be done almost anywhere and even works for loaded ships.

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