Tomy presents his new collection of premium Sonic plush toys, in collaboration with Sega


Tomy presents his new collection of premium Sonic plush toys, in collaboration with Sega

Toy company TOMY announces a collaboration with Sega to launch premium Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys.

Sonic fans will go wild with this dizzying news. If you've always wanted to hug the Sega mascot, now you can do so with the new collection of premium Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys, which will be marketed in America and Europe by Tomy. 

Tomy is one of the most recognized companies in the toy and stuffed animal sector, and now they are joining Sega to launch new products in a timeless video game saga. Sonic has been in our hearts since 1991 , and now more than ever he deserves a big hug for his 30th anniversary.

Specifically, this series of premium plushies will encompass many Sonic characters, not just the charismatic blue hedgehog. It will be part of the Club Mocchi Mocchi line , which means that they will be extra soft, cuddly and that you can even use it as a bear to sleep with it at night.

'' Sonic is a timeless video game classic that has evolved into a beloved brand and we are excited to bring these fantastic characters to fans and collectors around the world through our extraordinary Club Mocchi-Mocchi brand, '' says Morgan. Weyl, Tomy's Global Brand Director.
premium Sonic plush toys

 This agreement has been concluded between Tomy and Sega America , and is a great incentive for both companies. The Japanese company is preparing the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog , and this series of plush toys is a perfect gift for every fan of the most famous hedgehog in video games.

'' TOMY has a long-standing reputation for creating high-quality plush toys not only within the industry, but among Sonic collectors . We are excited to partner with them again to create this exceptional line for Sonic the Hedgehog, 'said Michael Cisneros of Sega America.

At the moment we do not know the launch date or the different models of this line of Sonic plush toys , but we assume that they will be ready for the second half of this year 2021. We must remember that Sonic 2: the movie and the new Netflix series They complete a round future for the hedgehog ... waiting for a new game in the saga to be announced .

Source: Sega 

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