Valheim Creators Reveal New Facts About Their Next Big Update 'Hearth and Home'


Valheim Creators Reveal New Facts About Their Next Big Update 'Hearth and Home'

The Iron Gate Studios title has once again surpassed a new key figure of units sold in the market.

We will agree that one of the things that cannot be denied in relation to the phenomenon that has been generated around Valheim , the Viking survival title from Iron Gate Studios , is the fervor with which the community of PC players has accepted your proposal. Proof of this would be, to mention a few examples, the spectacular in-game recreations of places as diverse as the Eiffel Tower or White Race from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

That is why it is logical that the creators of Valheim want to take advantage of the good inertia that is going through the title by expanding its contents even more with large updates that allow us to carry out even more actions within survival. And, as the colleagues of the PC Gamer portal collected , Iron Gate Studios is already fully working on the next great Valheim patch known as Hearth and Home.

This update will include, among other things, new types of buildings, new recipes and mechanics that are responsible for giving a little more depth to the game's food preparation system. All this not to mention that Valheim has already surpassed the incredible figure of 6 million copies sold ; something that is usually the most unusual in the independent video game industry.

Be that as it may, we can only remind you that in Areajugones we will be extremely attentive to the next steps that Valheim takes with the aim of bringing you any news that arises in relation to its Hearth and Home patch and, above all, the future of one of the titles promising survival rates in recent years.

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