Walkthrough Rustler - game guide


Walkthrough Rustler - game guide

How to get through Rustler's story mode

Rustler is a top-down action game set in the late Middle Ages. The gameplay of the game resembles GTA 2 , only with crossbows and horses instead of shotguns and cars. If you have any difficulties with the passage - use our guide.

Chapter 1. "Frisky ride"

The first step is to master management. The training will be useful for those who first encounter games of this genre. Walk down and pick up the bottle marked with a green marker. After that, the first fight awaits you. Hit - left mouse button, block - right. If you press a block at the time of an enemy attack, then make a parry, after which you can carry out a series of blows. Please note - fried chicken, loaves of bread and other foods restore your health . After defeating the enemy, take the stick from him and get on the horse. The path to it is indicated by an arrow.

Go to a meeting with the boss. He will give you the first task - to steal a horse from a knight who stopped nearby. Run south, exit through the city gates and head east. The horse you want is marked with a yellow circle. Sit on it and run south where you can repaint it. If you hold down the left Shift, which is responsible for acceleration, you will easily break away from the chase . Leave the horse in the paddock and return home.

Get on the plow cart and drive out into the field. To plow it, simply drive around its territory until it reaches 100% progress. Then go into the house and save the game.

Chapter 2. "Features of the national knight hunt"

You have earned your first skill points. We recommend that you first pump the maximum level of health. Then, head to the horse dyeing site. You will be prompted to pick up a torch, but this is not required. The main thing is to get on your horse and move towards Herb.

You will be given a crossbow. Hit the targets with it, and then go to the knight you want to kill. Shoot the guy who is wearing a white jacket. After his death, attack the real knight. He repels arrows with a shield, so it is easier to parry his blow with melee weapons, and then finish off . Head north to board the cart. Place the body of the knight on it and deliver it to the gravedigger. Keep in mind that local law enforcement officers can follow you. But running away from them will not be difficult.

Chapter 3. "The guy who knows the guy"

Run to the new mark. After the conversation, you will be given a sword and shield. Go to the bard named John. Don't kill listeners who throw tomatoes at him. You need to protect the singer with a shield . But soon the peasants will come running and attack him with weapons. They do not have shields, so you can shoot them with a crossbow without any problems .

Hire a bard (E). Hit it to change song. Then rip off three wanted leaflets to get rid of the persecution and head to the forger. It is located in the northwest corner of the city. To obtain the required documents, you will need 5,000 gold coins. This amount can be earned by completing additional tasks. There are several options to choose from:

  • stealing horses;
  • plowing the field;
  • knocking out debts from debtors;
  • killing people in the allotted time.

When you have accumulated 2,500 coins, a new story mission will open.

Chapter 4. "Meatcakes"

Move towards Herb. You will fight with him, first with fists, then with swords. Use dodge (space) to dodge his attacks. During the battle, it is important not to leave the arena, otherwise the task will be failed. When you defeat the boss, go to the forest, to the former gang member. You will be attacked from all sides, and the bandit you need will try to escape. You need to kill him . You can ignore the rest of the thugs. After the traitor dies, sit on the cart, pick up his body and go to the butcher. After that, calmly return home.

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