Walkthrough Stronghold: Warlords - game guide

Walkthrough Stronghold: Warlords - game guide

 Detailed breakdowns, tips, guides, strategies and tactics for all story campaigns and missions of Stronghold: Warlords

There are a total of 5 story campaigns in Stronghold: Warlords :

  1. Jungle Kingdoms - Available by default.
  2. Warring Provinces of China - Unlocked at the end of the first campaign.
  3. Peace Campaign - Unlocked at the end of the first campaign. Discovers nothing and is not connected with anything.
  4. Mongol Coming - Unlocks upon completion of Warring Provinces of China.
  5. Japan at War - Unlocked upon completion of The Coming of the Mongols.

Jungle kingdoms

New king

After the death of the king of the Thuk clan, responsibility for his people fell on the shoulders of his son, Thuk Phan.

Hints :

  • Send all troops to the village where all attacks are coming from.
  • Place warriors with blowguns on rooftops to give them a height advantage.
  • Attack the warlord and reduce his health until he drops to his knees.
  • Bring the troops to the kneeling commander to demand his submission.
  • Use diplomacy points to issue charters to captured generals.
  • You can capture commanders in any order.
This is a kind of educational task, although there will not be many tips. The first thing to do after eliminating enemies is to hire spearmen and warriors with a blow gun. To do this, click LMB on the barracks and hire the required number of people. If there is not enough gold, just wait. Warriors with air guns are best placed on a hill to the side of the passage from which the enemies are coming.

After winning, click LMB on an empty space to open the construction tab at the bottom of the screen. Go to the Food Buildings tab, select the rice paddies and build four. Then click on the "rice bowls" icon in the lower right corner of the screen to double the portions given to the peasants and soldiers. In the same place, find a coin at the top and double the tax rate.

Go to the production buildings tab and place the sawmill somewhere near the bamboo grove.

It's time to capture the first warlord. Gather all your troops, leaving a few warriors with air guns on the hill, and go left to the commander Kaban. Having defeated his retinue and the commander himself, stand next to him and wait a little. After a few seconds, his castle will be painted in your colors, which means it will go under the banners of Thuk. Open the commander's card by clicking on the circle in the lower left part of the screen (under the day), and give any certificate to the commander. For example, for the delivery of rice.

Then hire a few more new warriors and head down through the stream to the castle of another warlord. As soon as he is captured, you will complete the task.

Unification of tribes

As his strength grows, Thuk Phan glances at the border regions occupied by Hung's invading forces.

Hints :

  • Place more sawmills to collect enough bamboo to craft weapons.
  • Place the armory and weapons workshops closer to the warehouse to make their work more efficient.
  • Capture warlords and use their credentials to gain additional resources.
  • Defend the river crossing by stationing archers and blowgun warriors atop the Warlord's Citadel.
  • Use ranged troops to weaken warlords before using melee troops to capture.
  • Before storming the walls of Warlord Hung's castle, gather a large army.

Take your time to capture the closest commander, because now it will not work. Instead, build a large house, followed by an arsenal, two shooter workshops, and two hurry workshops. You already have the barracks, so in the future you will be able to hire reserve archers and axmen through it. Please note that this will not work at once. Have a little patience: bows and axes must be produced in the workshops of the shooter and axes to recruit these units.

As soon as you hire 5 archers and axes each, you can capture the nearest fortress of the commander. This is quite simple to do. In general, archers work wonders at this location. They can attack enemies from afar, which means you can conquer almost all commanders without significant losses. As soon as you conquer the first fortress, be sure to place archers on top. As much as possible. Do not forget to build rice fields, at least one more workshop and a couple of sawmills. Then build a consulate and send a letter to the commander for the supply of gold. Continue to hire archers and axes, capture other commanders to the left and right of the first. Demand gold from everyone. Two consulates should be enough to provide yourself with enough diplomacy points. Gold will be needed to hire all the same archers and axes. When ready, cross the river and capture the fifth general. Then pick up the moment, hire about 30-40 archers and use them to attack enemy archers on a stone wall. After killing everyone, gather the troops together, break the gates and complete the remaining objectives, including the lord.

March south

The Thuk Fana tribes unite and are ready to advance to the Hung kingdom.

Hints :

  • Look for caches to get additional resources.
  • After building farms, increase the portions of vegetables using the "+" button.
  • Beware of attacks from Hung's army on one side and enemy tribes on the other.
  • Try to strike a balance between recruiting defensive troops and stockpiling weapons to complete the mission.
  • If necessary, you can capture commanders for additional resources.
  • Build quality housing to increase your population and get a chance to raise taxes.

Build vegetable fields, then create a quarry and a buffalo harness. Subsequently, I recommend creating another quarry and a couple of harnesses. The stones are useful for several purposes. First, you need to finish building the wall. Until you do this, the enemies, it seems, will not attack you. The second purpose is the construction of an arsenal and barracks. Build it all up and focus on building sawmills, rice paddies and home. Then build workshops for shooters and axes, and then create a squad of archers and axes. It is better to make a little more archers to make it easier to capture enemy camps. In addition, the locations have pallets with bags and barrels. Interact with them to collect additional resources. Capturing generals is optional. You will have enough stone since in the future it will not be needed at all. And you can get wood yourself from sawmills. But if you want, you can still do it. When you have established production, stand at the intersection and follow the map. Fight off the attack of local tribes and Hung warriors.

Advice . You don't want to spend a lot of time on an already debugged process, do you? In this case, use the "+" key to increase the speed of the game. Helps a lot!

Siege of Hanoi

Led by his army, Thuk Phan approaches the capital of Hung and prepares to fight a battle that will decide the fate of his people.

Hints :

  • Plan your attacks carefully, not just throw soldiers into battle.
  • Move troops in groups to inflict maximum damage and avoid unnecessary losses.
  • Time scheduling is the key to a successful assignment.
  • Protect your archers and warriors with blow guns, hiding them behind stronger troops.
  • Use the ladders to raise troops up the walls and capture the passage towers.
  • After capturing the gate, lead the rest of the troops into the castle.

Quite a simple mission. Use archers first to attack the enemies in front. As soon as opponents attack you, run back and hide behind the backs of axes and spearmen. After that, capture the enemy commander using only archers and warriors with blow guns. This way you will not suffer losses. By capturing the warlord, you will be provided with ladders. Choose archers, go through the first gate and destroy all enemies on the corner towers and walls at the gate. Done? In this case, use the ladders to climb over the walls or send archers there, and use ordinary units to break the gates. In any case, you will have to destroy the second gate, and then clear the courtyard. At the normal level of difficulty, this is not difficult to do. Kill the enemy lord to complete the mission.

Defense of our lands

After the victory under Melini, the new kingdom of Thuk Fana faces new threats.

Hints :

  • Resources are limited, so supplies from warlords play a key role.
  • Defending your state and other military leaders will stretch your forces, so plan your actions wisely.
  • Prepare a decent defense before going on the offensive.
  • The river crossing is easy to defend, but it can be done from both sides.
  • To create siege troops, a siege camp is required.
  • Buy gunpowder to hire more fire ballistas.
So, looking ahead, I will say that crossing the river is absolutely unnecessary and undesirable. There will be strong enemy troops, so you have nothing to catch on the other side. Instead, capture the closest commander as soon as possible and start ordering wood from him. If you have diplomacy points, first upgrade it to get more wood. Then build a couple of large houses and some rice paddies so you can double your portions of rice and then increase taxes by the same amount. Now create troops - as many as possible, archers, axes, and if there are no weapons, then do not shy away from hiring ordinary spearmen and warriors with blow guns. All of them will come in handy in battles! There is also a siege camp on the side. There, be sure to create fire ballistas in order. When you move around first, in an arbitrary formation, get to your destination, then set the formation "box" and turn in the direction of the enemy. The ballista will be behind. Choose a passive defense to keep your formation from collapsing.

When capturing other commanders, use archers and ballistae to fire at them from a distance. Capture all four generals on your side. It will be difficult to defend each one, so you will have to re-capture from time to time. Opponents will go through the riverbed to the right and from the upper left corner. I recommend placing a dozen archers and 5-6 ballistae in front of the river bed. This will be enough to repel the attack of any opponents. Better yet, place the archers on the tower of the right commander closest to the river. They will fire at enemies even before they get to the riverbed. And place the melee troops near the commander in the upper left corner, where opponents also appear. Feel free to speed up time. When you realize that wood is no longer needed and the right amount of wood is about to be typed, start asking the commanders for a stone. That is, there is only one way to collect wood and stone in this mission - by requesting resources from the captured commanders.


After decades of construction, the greatest castle of the entire era is ready.

Hints :

  • You don't have much time to gather resources, so move quickly.
  • This is the last line of defense, so close all gaps and put people on the walls.
  • Keep a group of foot troops ready to intercept enemy invaders.
  • Concentrate on one attack at a time before moving on to attack new targets.
  • You can use fast troops to flank enemy siege weapons.
  • If the outer walls fall, lead your troops behind the inner walls.

The task may seem daunting, but in reality everything is simple. The first thing to do is to build a couple of additional harnesses with buffaloes near the quarry in the lower left corner of the map. Then take on the destruction of all the inner walls of the castle, including the towers. If the wall does not collapse, then the tower must be destroyed first. You really don't need them! Done? Now complete the missing stone walls around the outer perimeter. You must have enough stone. Spend the rest of the stone to build two (and later three) large towers at the left and upper gates. They fit up to 25 units. As you can imagine, these should be ranged units. Also, when building such towers, make sure they are in contact with normal walls. Otherwise, everything will be wasted as your warriors won't get to them. Oh yes, ladders must also be added to ordinary walls so that the warriors can climb them. All of this is in the same tab.

Then build additional sawmills outside the city, to the right of the upper gate. It is very important. Also, between the upper and right gates, an additional large tower will not interfere, since the enemy will periodically send small forces from this direction. In principle, you do not need to hire spearmen and axemen. Focus further on rice and vegetable fields, and then give people supplementary rations (at least rice) and regular vegetable rations. When you increase your trust level (above all these rations, to the right of the green face), be sure to increase your taxes to get enough gold to hire archers and blowgun warriors. Try to build an additional Shooter House to make bows faster. Now fill up all the big towers to the maximum. Try to place mainly archers, but if there are none,

And the most important advice, without which you simply lose: be sure to track the enemy troops manually and give orders to the shooters first of all to destroy fire ballistas, then catapults, and after that - ordinary soldiers. Fire ballistas can destroy your archers and warriors with blow guns, entrenched in the tower, in no time.

Hold out for the specified time, after which the "Jungle Kingdom" campaign will be completed.

China's warring provinces

Suppression of the uprising

Zheng, ruler of the Qin kingdom, faces a rebellion raised by a conspirator.

Hints :

  • Take your clerk's advice - you don't need to take over the generals by force.
  • Your generals can be captured by diplomatic means. Keep your troops in their strongholds to prevent the enemy from poaching your commanders.
  • Use the new available weapon technologies.
  • Defend the thin river crossing.
  • Combine your troops with the forces of the Tiger for the second assault.
  • Crossbowmen pose a deadly threat to heavily armored troops.
On the food buildings tab, look for both a tea house and a tea plantation. Place both objects, then build one iron mine. Next to it you need to place a couple of buffalo harnesses. Next, focus on your food. Increase the number of tea plantations and rice fields. Give people double rice and at least one tea each. And then raise taxes to quickly accumulate gold, which will be used to build four consulates and two embassies. This will make the most of your diplomacy points.

Next, open the commander's card and select Tiger or Buffalo. You will see a tab with commands, but next to it there is a button to switch to the diplomatic capture tab. Have you switched? Pay attention to the "+10" and "+20" buttons. Each of them increases the loyalty of this general towards you. But loyalty and diplomacy points are different things. Thus, an increase in loyalty by 10 points will cost you 20 diplomacy points, and by 20 - 50 points. You will have to wait between each promotion. Or you can choose "Automatic". In this case, the game will automatically increase loyalty until you remember for it. As soon as you collect the required amount of loyalty (it is different for each commander; for example, the Tiger has 200), you can start "Submission". This button is located in the same place, but slightly below. Upon completing the submission, the warlord will join you. Repeat for both. You can even subdue the Warlord Mouse. To do this, you will have to interrupt the points of influence laid down by your opponent. But keep in mind that after that the enemy will send his troops there for a power capture.

Warlord Mouse is useful in that you can order bows from him. Warlord Buffalo will provide you with iron, wood or stone (I would choose a tree), and warlord Tiger will be able to send troops with you to the assault. In any case, if you have built all the consulates and embassies, you can upgrade every commander. It is best that the Tiger has the ability to send troops for 200 diplomacy points. In this case, there will be many more soldiers!

So, as soon as you capture the Buffalo and the Tiger, build several workshops for an armored man, a forge, a gunsmith, and a crossbowman. Avoid hiring axemen and regular archers, as they are significantly inferior to other enemies. Focus on crossbowmen, imperial swordsmen, and standard bearers. All these units will greatly simplify the task. Having created a more or less impressive army, order the sending of troops from the Tiger for 200 diplomacy points. When choosing this command, you just need to click on the icon of the enemy stronghold on the general map. Lead your army together with the appeared units. You can go a little behind so that the enemy attacks the Tiger's army, and your units remain safe and sound. Manually issue orders to attack crossbowmen and archers on towers and walls. Eventually, you will be able to fight your way to the back of the fortress.

The conquest begins

Zheng begins the conquest of the neighboring Han kingdom.

Hints :
  • Plan the order in which you will attack the commanders.
  • Move in stages to minimize losses.
  • Take advantage of your height to fend off counterattacks.
  • As you progress, you will receive reinforcements.
  • First, capture the generals of the Crane and the Boar.
  • Do not kill all the troops of the commander unnecessarily. They will go over to your side and will be useful to you in the future.

To begin with, I recommend going to the commander Kaban, to your left. Be sure to select all the troops, point to the "box" formation and select the defensive option. After that, go to the Boar and attack the archers on the tower. As soon as you capture the Boar, place crossbowmen and archers on that very tower (there is both the middle tower itself and the wall next to it. Place warriors and axes a little behind to attack, in case of emergency, enemy melee units that will run to the walls. All pretty simple, and then the first reinforcements will arrive.

Then move to the Crane. Collect all the troops to a heap and again select the formation "box" with a defensive formation. Attack enemy units, and after capturing the commander, place archers and crossbowmen on a hill (she is the only one here). In principle, they should be enough to kill all opponents. Take the second reinforcement. Move with him to the Tiger. With him you need to act by analogy with the previous commanders - the "box" system. After the victory, place your rifle units on a hill, but not at the very edge, otherwise enemies will shoot at you from the tower opposite.

After repelling the attack a third time, you will receive the last reinforcements. Among them will be special devices that protect against arrows. So they need to be led forward, and then run up under them with archers and crossbowmen. Use them to shoot ranged units on towers and walls. If you no longer have archers and crossbowmen, attack these towers with enemy arrows with melee fighters. After the destruction of the tower, all those who were in it will die. Finish off King An.

The assault on Handan

The Qin armies reached the capital of the Zhao kingdom, Handan.

Hints :

  • Attack from both sides to split enemy ranged troops.
  • Combine both armies into a single strike force for the final attack.
  • Absorb rocket fire with stronger troops before leading weaker troops into a counterattack.
  • Use mantelets to protect your archers and crossbowmen.
  • Try to keep the siege tower as long as possible - this is an important combat unit.
  • Try to leave as many Imperial guards as possible for the final attack, because you will encounter enemy resistance.

Quite a simple task, if you act clearly. First, pay attention to the part of the troops with the siege tower. Place the crossbowmen on it, push the mantelets forward and stand under them with the rest of the crossbowmen. Destroy all enemies on the walls. Next, destroy the gates with ordinary troops and go through them on the siege tower. Directly from it, you can destroy enemies on the towers and walls of the enemy's castle. Move to the right and deal with the enemies on the small citadel on the side. At the same time, adjust the mantelets of another part of the troops, place archers under them and kill all the enemies on the walls. Destroy the gates with catapults and go behind them, clearing the next wall and tower (with archers under the mantlets). Break down gates, unite armies and attack archers behind barricades. Deal with the cavalry and re-use the mantelets with archers and crossbowmen, to attack a wall with enemy archers and crossbowmen. If there are not enough of them, hurry up and try to break down all the gates so that your imperial warriors and standard bearers can climb the walls. Finish off everyone, including the leader. Continue playing Stronghold: Warlords.

Yan Army

After a failed assassination attempt, Zheng uses the chance to take over the Yan kingdom.

Hints :

  • Time is running out, so try to deploy your defenses as soon as possible.
  • Resources are limited in the beginning, so use them wisely.
  • Cross the river only when you are sure that your state is protected.
  • Fiery Lancers, when used correctly, can turn the tide of battle.
  • Tower Mangonels are effective for protecting river crossings.
  • Tiger attacks can be a help or a distraction.
The first thing to do is to hire archers and crossbowmen for all available equipment, while building rice fields in parallel. At the expense of rice fields, we increase provisions and then taxes. Also build a teahouse and some plantations to raise taxes on tea. Also, try to build 1-2 consulates. Then invest all the gold in the construction of new consulates, and diplomacy points - in the capture of the commanders on the left and right (Mouse and Boar). The boar can be left alone, since you will get food without it. But you can request a tree from the Mouse. Fend off the first few attacks, then continue building consulates and embassies. Place two or three large towers in front of the gate and archers with crossbowmen on top to better deflect attacks.

Build as many consulates and embassies as possible. As soon as you can and have saved enough money, switch to capturing the Tiger. It is the Tiger! Spend diplomacy to level it up and unlock the max troop dispatch. And then periodically send troops to the enemy's citadel. They will distract those armies that the enemy sends in your direction. Having captured the Buffalo, order wood from him. It is needed to increase food supplies and build residential buildings. At this point, you should have a lot of gold, so order different units. Oh yeah, you have to build armored man's workshops and so on. Having collected an impressive army, attack the enemy fortress. Be sure to back up this attack with the Tiger troops. Let them go first.

Yellow River

Zheng turns his attention to Wei, but this will not be a normal siege.

Hints :

  • Don't be fooled by the calm before the storm.
  • Start producing saltpeter as early as possible, and sell the surplus for gold.
  • Stock up on gunpowder to make traps and defenses.
  • Capture warlords and use them for the benefit of your economy.
  • Use the available space to build a strong economy.
  • Layered defense increases your chances of successfully repelling attacks.

First, start by developing your base. I recommend building a consulate, or two. Then some paddy fields. Increase your rice provisions and taxes. Build vegetable fields, additional plantations, increase the provisions at the expense of them (a sign in the lower right corner of the screen) so that you can increase the tax rate. Use your diplomacy points to capture the Turtle, and then the Buffalo. In principle, the boar is not particularly needed if you provide yourself with a sufficient amount of food and increase the number of fields as the army replenishes.

The turtle is your everything. Upgrade this commander, place maximum reinforcements on the walls. Create all consulates and embassies for this. Order wood and iron from Buffalo. Create a workshop for crossbows and armors. Send crossbowmen to the walls of the Turtle fortress. And! Be sure to create a military academy for flamethrowers. Hire them and keep the turtle inside the fortress. As soon as the enemy breaks down the walls, take up defense in front of the narrow passage. Your 10-15 flamethrowers will easily destroy an entire army of heavily armored soldiers if they walk through a narrow opening in the wall. And do not forget to repair the Turtle Fortress later. There should be no problems with this task.

One land

Only the Chu kingdom opposes the final stage of the Qin conquest.

Hints :

  • Don't be afraid to demolish and rebuild your castle.
  • As you learn enemy tactics, adapt your defenses accordingly.
  • Plan the time to attack the commanders with your own forces in order to make a gap in the enemy defense.
  • Move from one target to another with concentrated attacks, rather than stretching your strength.
  • Use the Crane's diplomacy bonus to accumulate points and use the attacks of the Tiger Warlord.
  • Taking control of some warlords will result in the cessation of enemy attacks.

To win, you will have to capture all the commanders. I recommend immediately building a couple of consulates and focusing efforts on capturing Buffalo. Yes, not Mice. There are many enemies coming from the side of the Buffalo, so it is best to get rid of them by capturing this warlord. Just remove the archers and crossbowmen from the walls that the Mice are shooting at from the fortress. Once you do this and capture the Buffalo, redirect your efforts to the Mouse. After capturing the fortress of Mice, place archers and crossbowmen on top, as the enemy will continue to send troops from the fortress of the Tiger. On the fortress of the Buffalo and the Mouse, you need to put 5-6 Imperial warriors or other powerful units each so that the enemy cannot intercept them with diplomacy.

Continue to develop diplomacy and take over the Turtle Fortress. From there, forcefully move to the Crane fortress, since it takes too long to capture it with diplomacy. Everywhere you need to install soldiers on the fortress so that the enemy does not involve diplomacy. As soon as you do this, seize the Tiger fortress with diplomacy and immediately send troops from there to the enemy's citadel. Constantly distract him with such raids while expanding the ranks of your army. As soon as you are ready, storm the main fortress. All this, of course, should be accompanied by the usual actions aimed at the development of the camp.

Peace Campaign (Economic)

Fast harvest

With the support of the new dynasty, food became a scarce resource for the Jin.

Hints :

  • Look for supplies hidden by local farmers.
  • Choose the location for the barn carefully, you have to collect a lot of products.
  • Use the unoccupied troops to clear the ruins, because free space is very limited here.
  • Organize wood production as early as possible and do not be afraid to buy more wood if you need it.
  • You can increase your rice supply by reducing the portions for farmers!
  • Store the goods you find in case of hard times when your peasants need support.

First, build a barn. I recommend placing it on the island a little further. Then create some sawmills behind the island, near the trees. Five will be enough. Destroy the nearby wooden ruins with your troops. Find the same in the upper left corner. Also, look for covered pallets in the corners. There will be additional resources. You just need to get close to them.

Then start building rice paddies. 6 pieces were enough for me. After a while, you will be able to turn off taxes altogether. Build a market and buy wood from it. Gold simply has no other purpose. You can sell the found clothes, as well as disassemble the tower and walls near the castle to sell the stone. When taxes are removed, lower your rice supply by 1/2 serving. Don't forget to build residential buildings, but don't go overboard with them either. Build 3 pig farms and 3 vegetable fields. They will be enough to collect the required amount of food. Fortunately, there is no need to feed the peasants with something other than rice. Have wood ready. As soon as a fire starts, reduce the speed of the game with the "-" key, and then build a vat of water near the place of the fire (on the "shield" tab). It is important that there are free peasants. As soon as you accumulate the required amount of resources, the task will be completed.

The heart of the empire

After the capture of the city, Bianjing desperately demanded restoration.

Hints :

  • Use your master and his guards to clear the ruins and quickly free up free space.
  • Create a woodworking industry as early as possible. You can get wood in the ruins, but you will need a lot more of it.
  • Your overlord can take a lot of damage, but you must protect him with archers before it's too late.
  • Don't be afraid to replace houses as your economy grows.
  • You will need to buy a stone, so find funds for such purchases.
  • Garment production can be accelerated by stocking up on a sufficient amount of silk fabric in advance.

Build a barn, then clear part of the area. Reduce speed to minimum and sell all stone walls except for the tower. Then place thin wall layers on the three aisles, except for the one leading to the forest on the left. This will delay the enemies. Place 2 small towers behind these passages. That is, only four. At one of the passages there will be a middle tower, which you did not destroy. Place small walls next to the towers so you can attach ladders to them. Done!

Then create rice paddies. Yes, first the rice fields, and after the sawmill. Try to place all buildings at a distance from each other. In this case, there is no need for vats of water. If a fire breaks out, set the game to minimum speed and quickly sell the building on fire. It will be marked with a yellow circle on the minimap.

After you arrange for a good catch of food, increase your rations and taxes. Build a market and start trading. Clear the area from the ruins, getting various resources. Oh yes, first you need to collect resources, and only after blocking the path with walls. Spend wood on building mansions. I recommend starting with them right away. Also invest gold in buying wood to build at least two mansions. Create a barracks and an arsenal from the remaining stone and sell it. If there is not enough stone, on the contrary, buy a resource in the market. After that, build at least a couple of Axeman and Archer Workshops. Create vegetable fields, give people vegetables, and raise taxes even more. Keep saving money, building workshops and hiring archers. Ordinary soldiers are enough 3-4 units. Put them at the sawmills, as there may be enemies once there. Otherwise, you can run across with archers from one place to another. That is, it is not necessary to create 40 pieces. Hire at least 12. This will be enough - the defense is guaranteed!

Finally, don't forget to build three each each producing silkworm cocoons, silk thread, and clothing. Well, destroy absolutely all the ruins on your territory. And we also need 5 mansions. Buy wood as you will have a lot of money to spare.


For the upcoming wars with the Song empire, arms supplies were required from all Jin provinces.

Hints :

  • Do not delay with the capture of the Warlord Buffalo, here he is extremely important for a quick start of the game.
  • The stone has only one purpose here - to bring gold!
  • Your economy will only take off if you start full timber production.
  • Warlord's iron is crucial in the beginning, but will you sacrifice valuable resources to hold it back?
  • Buildings away from the water vat should be located at a sufficient distance from each other so that in the event of a fire, they do not allow the fire to spread.
  • Don't be afraid to set up a front line of defense to protect vital iron resources.

We build a barn, and we do it behind the Sun warriors, to the left of the Buffalo. We will also place rice fields there. For a start, 4-5 pieces are enough. Then, with the available warriors, grab the nearest resources and kill the Sun group in front. Lure out the spearmen, and then kill the warriors with blowguns. Move to the Buffalo tower and capture it. Leave your leader on the tower with the Buffalo, as he will often riot and get out of control. Collect supplies near the tower.

Build an arsenal to get some bows, hire archers and place them at the top of the barracks. For starters, these archers will be enough to hold back the influx of enemies. Always ask for iron from Buffalo! Build a lot of sawmills and wait. Create residential buildings. As soon as you can, build a quarry and 2-3 buffalo harnesses. Sell ​​stones in the market. Dilute food with vegetable fields. Four will be enough. Raise taxes. During a thunderstorm or riot, remove taxes so that workers do not disappear.

Continue to develop. Start creating workshops for Shooter, Armor and Swordsman. The bigger, the better. Look for gold from stone. I also recommend building 1-2-3 iron mines outside the city, providing each of them with the maximum number of carts (three per mine). So you will quickly accumulate the necessary iron, which is simultaneously spent on swords, armor and bows. You still have to spend money on at least 10-12 standard bearers, since the archers in the end will not cope with the task at hand. As soon as you accumulate the required amount of weapons and iron, the task will end.

the great Wall of China

Raids from the north slow down the development of border towns.

Hints :

  • By clearing the ruins of the old fortress, you can get a lot of wood and stone.
  • Warlords can be captured both by force and through diplomacy.
  • In such a fire hazardous region, it is better to provide yourself with one or two vats of water. And even better if there are three or even four!
  • The stock of stone is the main task. It is not necessary to build up everything with walls, it is better to place towers in their line.
  • Always explore hidden valleys.
  • When transporting stone over long distances, at least two buffalo carts should be allocated to each quarry. Better yet, three.

A simple task. We build a barn, after which we clean up the entire area in the area. The barn, by the way, is best built in the ruins near your main troops. When you clear these ruins, build rice fields nearby. As much as possible. Build sawmills near the warehouse, this is next to the stone deposits at your base. Install one quarry and three harnesses there. Start collecting wood and build quarries at the far deposit of stones. Along the line where the wall will be, there are stones that you must remove. You can also immediately place a large gate and four large towers along this line. After that, install the wall in places where it is missing. Build houses, vegetable fields, as the rice harvest may be lost. The wood will not be needed in the future, so you can sell it on the market. To have iron, diplomacy capture two Buffaloes. Order from them strictly iron, which is useful for the production of crossbows. Place crossbowmen on the walls of the tower. The wall will protect your quarries from enemies. Place 3-4 quarries and as many harnesses as possible on the site of a large deposit. Wait until you have collected 750 stones.

High culture

As ambassadors come from all over the world, the Jin are eager to show their cultural status.

Hints :

  • There are frequent floods here, so it is better not to build buildings in the lowlands.
  • Choose the location of your storage buildings carefully and build bamboo sawmills in high areas as quickly as possible.
  • When stocking up on rice early, look for abandoned supplies nearby - you may still be able to use some of them.
  • Use any good news to keep taxes high - whatever gold you can collect will come in handy.
  • To meet the demands of the population, you will need more than just a house. In addition to them, you will need to create more jobs.
  • Population control is the key in this game. Don't be afraid to increase or decrease your tax rate across the entire available range.

First, build a warehouse and a barn. I recommend building a warehouse behind the castle, in front of the very lowland. And the barn is on the side. So that a huge temple could be placed above it. Basically, you collect gold without any sales through the market, but an iron mine is still worth creating, since it will provide jobs. Jobs are needed for new residents to appear in the city. That is, residential buildings alone will not be enough!

Build rice fields and sawmills to provide yourself with rice and wood. Sell ​​iron on the market. This way you don't have to make double portions of rice. Build more plantations and pig farms. Please note that peasants cannot walk through pig farms in the same way as through rice paddies. That is, the pig farm may block the path. If you see the icon of crossed out green footprints, be aware that workers cannot go to the specified location.

If a building catches fire, slow down the game and remove it before the fire spreads to the neighboring ones. Never let the barn burn! Rebuild residential buildings gradually. But do not forget about jobs - farms, fields, sawmills, an iron mine (you can even two), workshops in which silkworm cocoons are created. It is advisable to kill tigers by the overlord.


The battles with the Song army have resumed, and the winner will be the owner of the best technology.

Hints :

  • To protect this area, be prepared to spare no gunpowder ... A lot of gunpowder !!!
  • At the beginning of the game, you have a limited supply of rice. Start rice production and set small portions for farmers first.
  • Schedule the arrival of the attackers and prepare some nasty surprises for them!
  • To speed up the production of gunpowder, "stimulate" your people to work faster by placing several torture instruments in the right places.
  • Use rocket launchers to destroy the ruins, but remember that their shots can be inaccurate, so be prepared to shoot several times.
  • The Site Attack command for Flare Launchers can also be used successfully against attacking enemy troops.

To begin with, place a warehouse near the forest, and a barn in any other open area. After that, create some sawmills, a house with 8 seats, and rice fields. After that, you will need vegetable fields, but first focus on a few saltpeter mines. There is no need for buffaloes for these mines. The workers themselves will carry the saltpeter to the warehouse. Three mines will be enough. In the future, you can build more.

The next moment is the quarry. I recommend creating it as there is not much wood here and it will run out soon. And the stone can be sold on the market and wood can be bought there. Finish off twice the rice and at least one serving of vegetables. Support them constantly and raise the tax rate. 300 coins will be needed for the siege camp. There you will order rocket launchers that should be launched into the ruins of buildings across the river.

Also create as many powder shops as possible. Again, they require not only wood, but also gold. You will have to accumulate a lot of gunpowder. You will be periodically attacked by the Sun warriors, and new warriors cannot be recruited. Place archers on the roof of the citadel. Then go to the "shield" tab to see the caches of gunpowder. For each such cache, you need 5 units of gunpowder. Place them in the direction the enemies usually go from. There will simply be no other direction here. And when the enemies come to these traps, shoot them. Do not skimp on traps, because if the enemy breaks through, write it down! It is better to constantly sell stone and save up at the expense of the tax rate, and then spend gold on the construction of gunpowder workshops. And you will need 15 of them! Don't worry, gunpowder is made slowly


The new Emperor Jin follows the path of peace and prosperity.

Hints :

  • The problem here is the moth, so wait for the second moth infestation before you start making clothes.
  • The start here will be long and hard and, as always, a lot of wood will be needed!
  • The enemy does not conduct any action here, but be prepared for the difficulties that will jute you in the jungle.
  • Use the ways you know to increase your popularity in order to keep the tax rate high and collect the right amount of gold.
  • Over time, this assignment will become even more hopeless, and you need to think carefully before selling surplus goods.
  • Never skimp on water vats!

So, first about food: I recommend building rice fields, vegetable fields, and tea plantations. All this will come in handy to keep the happiness of the population high and keep the tax rate at 2-3 units. You don't have to create pig farms. Place the warehouse next to stone, iron and trees. The barn is in a large open meadow. Around it you will place fields with plantations.

Create several quarries, iron and saltpeter mines. Naturally, after you build 15 pieces of sawmills. The money will be raised through the tax rate, as well as through the sale of iron, stone and gunpowder (or saltpeter, if you don't want to bother). You can also build two buildings in advance, responsible for silkworm cocoons and silk thread. Build clothing workshops after the second moth infestation. In principle, nothing complicated. Remove burning buildings in time, and then there will be no need for vats. Although you should definitely install a couple of vats near the barn. It makes no sense to produce weapons and armor. I have risen freely in the sale of iron, stone and saltpeter. There are also 7 hours before the end of the mission.

The coming of the Mongols

Unstoppable force

Genghis Khan leads the attack on the Tatars together with his ally Wang Khan.

Hints :

  • Create a powerful food industry and set high taxes to get gold.
  • Horse archers can attack while moving.
  • Do not be afraid to retreat with your troops to the citadel if the enemy has the advantage in numbers.
  • Citadel archers are excellent defensive troops against horsemen.
  • Use your reserve riders and other fast combat units to quickly destroy enemy siege weapons.
  • If needed, the mounted commanders can be used as quick reinforcements if you have enough diplomacy points.
No matter how simple the task may seem, know that it is not. First, do not rush anywhere. First, build some sawmills, rice paddies, and pig farms. Add vegetable fields and increase provisions to raise taxes. Build an arsenal, barracks, and a military academy along the way. Be sure to create consulates and embassies. Desirable to the maximum. The first attack of the enemy will go to the commander Horse on the left. Wait for the enemy to be defeated, and then take advantage of the fact that the Horse's army is weakened. Capture the first stronghold. I would say that this can stop the capture of any citadels. Unless you can gather troops and send them to the citadels captured by your opponent (blue).

Periodically, your partner will send reinforcements. For diplomacy points, it is perhaps best to order reinforcements (80 points) in the form of three reserve horsemen. Riders need horses and spears, so build 2-3 stables and 3-4 spearmen's workshops. Horse archers only need gold. Never take Genghis Khan with you. First, clear out the two bases of the Horse commanders occupied by the blue troops. After that, gather even more troops and attack the main base. Destroy the siege cannons first. Surely you will lose your entire squad, so you can immediately distract from the battle (as soon as you destroy the siege cannons) and switch to the barracks with the military academy (and the base of your commander). Reassemble a new army, because the enemy, after your defeat, will instantly send his troops in the direction of Genghis Khan. With the second army, you can finish off the remaining units. You can wait for your ally to attack (you will see a green squad moving towards the main base). You can, of course, get completely confused by capturing all the commanders, pumping over each of them and accumulating 1500 diplomacy points, and then immediately sending 5 squads of Imperial horsemen (300 each) to the main base. But I don't see the point in this - a waste of time.

Lightning-fast promotion

Having narrowly escaped death, Genghis Khan is forced to fight in the final battle with his named blood brother.

Hints :

  • Build a powerful food industry as quickly as possible.
  • Warlord Buffalo's resources can be sold for gold.
  • Use your reserve riders and other fast combat units to quickly destroy enemy siege weapons.
  • The training of large detachments of horse archers allows you to control strategically important areas.
  • Build a solid defense before capturing multiple commanders.

First, take over the Buffalo Warlord by force. Then start developing and diplomacy capture the nearest Warlord Horse. All this time you need to build sawmills, houses, rice fields, vegetable fields, pig farms. Raise taxes, build consulates and embassies. But before that, it is better to create an arsenal, barracks and a military camp. Next, a series of long counterattacks by the blue army awaits you. The enemy will now and then send troops, and they will go either through the Buffalo or through the Horse. It will be a difficult time, and the last waves will turn out to be numerous. Be patient, build spear workshops and stables, create horse archers and reserve riders. You can place ordinary archers on the towers of citadels (first create a bow workshop). Capture the rest of the generals with diplomacy. For each you will receive troops. When the attacks stop and you manage to get out of the constant death-recruitment cycle of your army, attack the blue general. With green, everything will be much easier. By the way, it is better to leave your khan on the citadel of the nearest commander Horse.

Pass through the mountains

Genghis Khan views the Tanguts as an opportunity to begin the great conquest of Asia.

Hints :

  • Warlord Buffalo is an easy target that will bring you critical resources.
  • Clothing production helps raise taxes.
  • Warlord Tiger has good defenses, so diplomacy may be a smarter approach than brute force.
  • With the trebuchet, you can destroy enemy gates, walls and towers from a safe distance.
  • Defend the trebuchets with all your might, because their construction is very expensive.
  • Blast your way with a trebuchet, then coordinate attacks with Warlord Tiger.

Compared to the previous two missions (especially the second one!), This one clicks like nuts. Capture the Buffalo first and start supplying the tree. Rebuild rice fields and increase provisions and taxes. Build houses, barracks, an arsenal and a military camp. Having accumulated diplomacy, capture the Tiger (not by force, but by diplomacy). After that, request the construction of a siege camp. Place your troops next to the tent of this camp, near the Tiger, gather a more powerful army, and when you are ready, start saving up for trebuchets. Build 2-3 and attack towers with crossbowmen. Then break through the gate. Consulates and embassies should be built in parallel. If you wish, you can create a chain of buildings for the production of clothes, but I did without it. Then upgrade the Tiger and order sending troops a couple of times. Everything will go like clockwork!

Battle of the Yehulin ridge

Having dealt with the Tanguts, Genghis Khan turns his attention to the more powerful Jin dynasty.
  • Mortars are excellent at destroying towers in a safe way.
  • Mortars can also scatter and injure slow infantry.
  • Protect mortars from traps and never leave them unprotected.
  • Fireballistas on the platform are deadly to your infantry, so take them out first.
  • Try to lure enemies into narrow passages and shoot at them from a distance.
  • Use the captured loopholes to repel the final counterattacks.
You will be given an army, you do not need to build anything. Attack the first outpost. Bring the mantelets, stand under them as archers and shoot everyone. Then destroy the cavalry in the canyon and similarly attack the next wall. Destroy the wall with mortars and kill the soldiers behind it. You can shoot them with the same mortars! Capture Warlord Tiger. Kill two bodyguards with mortars, and attack the commander with archers and imperial soldiers. Save.

Next, use mantelets and archers to destroy the enemies on the tower in the passage. By the way, do not forget to destroy all the big towers, as this is the purpose of the mission! Next time, I recommend sending mortars to destroy the shooting towers, and when they approach, run up to the fortress with all other forces. Continue to shoot with mortars at the walls under the towers with arrows, and with archers to destroy enemies on the walls. Destroy the tower. Along the way, you had to capture another commander, having received reinforcements for this.

Keep moving, constantly save, and if you lose a lot of troops, replay. Clear out the next fortress according to the same principle: we send mortars, and when they approach, we sharply attack with other forces so that the guns are not destroyed. Destroy the penultimate tower and get the last reinforcements. See the narrow passage? Place all your forces in front of him: shooters on the sides, mortars opposite, right in front of the passage, place the imperial cavalry and imperial warriors with guards who are hard to kill. Use the backup rider and run up to the last outpost. This is how you initiate reinforcement. Destroy the enemy cavalry, save yourself and, according to the same principle, attack the last outpost. As soon as the last big tower is destroyed, the task will end.

Jin Fortress

After many years of war and bloodshed, the Mongols reached the capital of Jin - the city of Zhongdu.

Hints :

  • Capturing Warlord Buffalo will give you enough stone to walled the entire castle.
  • Send fast troops to patrol the surroundings of the castle and destroy enemy siege weapons.
  • When you go on the offensive, capture the Crane and Tiger Warlords as early as possible.
  • Use Warlord Crane to gain more diplomacy points and Warlord Tiger to manage attacks on an enemy castle.
  • Rocket launchers can destroy both the structures of the enemy castle and troops.
  • Using influence at the very beginning of the game will allow you to capture the warlords early.

Ignore the Buffalo as nothing can be built in this mission. Even the walls! Instead, immediately place archers and crossbowmen on the wall at the gate. So you will repel almost all attacks only at the expense of the shooters. At the same time, start taking over the Tiger with diplomacy. If you have time before the main attack, immediately send troops to the enemy citadel. In this way, by repeating the sending of troops, you will defeat the main forces of the enemy without losing your soldiers. In the end, of course, you can help. Capture the Crane by force and request a supply of diplomacy. Begin diplomatic submission to the Horse. In parallel with this, send the troops of the Tiger to the main citadel of the enemy. Please note that after the final attack of the enemy, you received reinforcements. Collect troops to a heap. You will have four rockets. I recommend spending it on destroying the gate. After that, attack the fortress, simultaneously requesting an attack from the Horse and the Tiger. You don't need to kill all opponents. It is enough to deal with the leader on the citadel. This is much easier than clearing / destroying all towers. We proceed to the next stage of the passage of Stronghold: Warlords.

Second conquest

The khan's empire is expanding over large territories, but not all conquests are made in concert.

Hints :

  • Use gunpowder caches to protect the castle's borders.
  • Use Imperial Horsemen to flank advancing siege weapons.
  • Try to capture nearby commanders early and then protect them.
  • Protect your commanders with your troops so as not to lose them through diplomacy.
  • Warlord Pig occupies an advantageous strategic position and may turn out to be beneficial for you.
  • Warlords Tigers are valuable for the final siege.

Don't be confused by the complexity of the mission. Fight off the first enemy attacks, build sawmills, rice fields and a couple of pig farms. And then attack the nearest Crane. Ask him for help. You can sell the castle walls, build a market and buy even more wood. Ask Crane for diplomatic assistance. Beat off another attack, then wait for the khan to send reinforcements. Diplomatically capture the Boar and place the archers on the walls. Capture Buffalo diplomatically. And then, with the Khan's reinforcements, attack the other two Cranes. It will be possible to request diplomatic assistance from them and literally exist on it. And the attacks will stop. Especially if you later capture two Tigers diplomatically. If you hear that the leader invites you to negotiations, slow down the time, open the map and look, whom the enemy is trying to intercept. Pay a warlord for his loyalty. Once you capture all the warlords, everything will be much easier. I hired horse archers, ran them around the castle and destroyed all the ballistae and shooters. Simultaneously with a large number of diplomacy points, it was possible to pump all the commanders and request maximum attacks from the Tigers. I can't believe it, but this mission is many times easier than the first two tasks.

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