Xbox will also be able to stream games from Steam and the Epic Games Store through the browser


Xbox will also be able to stream games from Steam and the Epic Games Store through the browser

The Ge Force Now service, which allows you to enjoy titles from digital libraries in the cloud, will be compatible with the new Edge browser.

The Chromium browser that will incorporate all current Microsoft consoles, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S , is in the testing phase. In the last hours it has been confirmed that Edge will be compatible with Google Stadia , but it will also be compatible with Ge Force Now , a streaming video game service that allows certain titles from Steam or Epic Games Store to be run through the cloud. Thus, games like Fortnite or Death Stranding can be enjoyed on the Redmond machines. Or why not, also the most powerful version of Cyberpunk 2077, which in the absence of the patch for the new generation, shows its best face on PC.

It should be noted that not all video games will work correctly. Those that require the keyboard and mouse as a control method should be played directly on the computer. Unlike Google Stadia, Ge Force Now thrives on the titles you have in your third-party digital libraries. Although it is possible to use the service for free, subscribers have the possibility to obtain not only graphical advantages, but also the option of playing without interruptions.

Google Stadia on Xbox

The Xbox browser will also allow breaking the barrier and opening the doors to the arrival of Google Stadia. The service of the technology giant is not going through its best moment precisely, since the company decided to close the internal studies and cancel all the projects that were in development. Despite the problems, Google has confirmed that the service will continue to work. They will try to reach agreements with third-party companies to nurture their content platform.

Microsoft, for its part, has bet heavily on services like Xbox Game Pass, which in its Ultimate subscription already integrates Project xCloud technology . Currently it is only possible to play in the cloud through mobile devices, but Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, plans to extend it to other terminals. On console too, of course. Perhaps the browser is a first step towards that goal.

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