10 weapon and armor mods that are essential in the endgame of Outriders


10 weapon and armor mods that are essential in the endgame of Outriders

In Outriders , mods are an essential part of the game. They significantly influence your build, improve your skills and stats and sometimes even completely change the way weapons work. We'll show you 10 weapon and armor mods each, which are particularly useful for the endgame.

This is how mods work in Outriders: From the rare (blue) item level, weapons and armor have mods. Blue ones always only have one slot, from epic (purple) and legendary there are two mod slots per item.

The modifications are divided into three ranks. In the case of weapons, the rank 1 mods are worse at first glance, especially when it comes to the mods that cause status effects. But that doesn't make them unusable overall, as we show in our mod guide for the way to the endgame: The 10 best weapon mods that you should use to start out in Outriders . But mods play an important role in the end game.

Why are mods particularly important in the endgame? The reason lies in the Outriders crafting system. This allows you to add mods to your collection if you extract them by dismantling items. Then the modifications are saved and you can place them on other equipment at any time.

For this, however, you have to sacrifice another modification. So it is not only about the choice of weapon or armor, but also which mods you use and how they result in a useful build with your equipment.

We are now showing you some particularly powerful modifications that you should definitely try out in the Outriders endgame. First, let's start with the weapon mods.

10 weapon mods for the endgame

Please note: Which mod is how useful depends primarily on your build and your class. A mod for close combat is particularly suitable for assassins and devastators, but can also help a technomancer or pyromancer with the right set.

We therefore choose rank 2 and rank 3 mods that are useful across all classes.

Rank 2 mods for weapons

Where can I find Rank 2 mods? You can find them on epic (purple) items, which you get partly through quest rewards and partly through drops from opponents. Also by leveling the world levels there are epic items as rewards.

These are the mods:

Bone splinters :

  • Killshots cause enemies to explode. Enemies within 5 meters take damage and a bleeding effect. Cooldown: 1 second
  • Bone splinters cause massive damage and cause groups of enemies to explode. The bleeding damage is a nice bonus, but the explosion is the primary source of damage.

Claymore :

  • When you hit, you cause an anomaly blade that hits individual enemies and deals damage. Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Claymore has a high cooldown of 4 seconds, but causes massive damage to individual opponents. If you combine that with debuffs like vulnerability, you can increase the damage additionally.

Chains of death :

  • Shots wrap enemies in chains that deal damage for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 2 seconds
  • Chains of death are best combined with weapons like assault rifles, submachine guns, and anything else that has a large magazine and a high rate of fire. So you can constantly maintain the effect and inflict massive damage on your opponents.
  • If you play the pyromancer or technomancer, or use corresponding status mods, you can increase the damage even more over time.

Perpetual motion machine :

  • If you kill an enemy while you have 35% or less of your magazine, you reload the magazine immediately.
  • Perpetual motion machine is for all players who are struggling with ammunition shortages. In the expeditions in particular, the opponents become tougher when you have to work your way up the challenge ranks. It can be expensive for the ammunition supply.

Rank 3 mods for weapons

Killing Spree - Legendary Weapon: Amber Vault (Double Barrel Weapon)

  • Killshots increase damage by 25% for 30 seconds. The bonus decreases over time, but can be stacked up to 5 times.
  • As long as you constantly rivet opponents, you permanently receive a big damage buff. This is one of the most powerful weapon mods in Outriders.

Fortress - Legendary Weapon: Deathshield (Automatic Shotgun)

  • Receive up to 43% damage bonus based on your armor value.
  • This mod gives you a large damage bonus without you having to actively do anything for it. All you have to do is increase your armor value. The bonus applies to everything, not just your weapons.
  • However, the functionality of the mod is described somewhat imprecisely.
  • According to some players who have tested the mod, you must have at least 20,000 armor to take full advantage of the buff (via reddit )

Concentration Blast - Legendary Weapon: Anomaly Effigy (Pump Action Shotgun)

  • Killshots detonate enemies and cause damage within 5 meters, which is multiplied by the number of enemies standing in the area.
  • As long as there are enough enemies in the area, the damage caused by the mod is massive.
  • This is particularly useful for expeditions, where heaps of enemies rush towards you.
If you like explosions, this weapon is your friend.

Deadly Disturbance - Legendary Weapon: Imploder (Double Barrel Weapon)

  • Critical hits activate an unstable anomaly effect on your enemy, causing an explosion and damage to enemies within 5 meters.
  • Legendary Weapon: Imploder (Double Barrel Weapon)
  • The explosion of this effect is particularly strong and can easily wipe out groups.
Shadow Comet - Legendary Weapon: Funeral Pyre (Automatic Shotgun)

  • Shots call a comet that damages enemies within 3.5 meters.
  • The comet hits opponents from above. This is especially useful against enemies in cover.
  • The damage from the impact is considerable and causes opponents to totter.
  • Also very useful against groups.
Embalmer's Rage - Legendary Weapon: The High Roller (Pump-Action Shotgun)

  • After a kill shot, all further shots are critical for 5 seconds.
  • Legendary weapon: The High Roller (pump-action shotgun)
  • Especially on builds that are based on critical damage, the mod is very powerful.
  • A fast firing weapon is recommended to take advantage of the 5 seconds the effect lasts.

10 armor mods for the endgame

It is important to note: It is important that you keep an eye on the balance between offensive and defensive. A lot of damage is important, but if you can't take anything, you will be overrun by groups of enemies very quickly. So you always have to weigh up how many offensive and defensive mods you place on your armor.

Fortunately, there are numerous options for doing this, many of which aren't even legendary gear but epic. Here is our selection for the mods.

Tier 2 armor mods

Weapon Bonus Mods:

  • + 10% for offensive weapons, sniper weapons, shotguns, handguns
  • You can unlock such a mod for each weapon type.
Emergency status:

  • If your life points fall below 30%, you get a golem effect for 4 seconds (cooldown: 10 seconds)
  • Golem is actually a devastator's skill that by default absorbs 65% of damage
  • This is particularly useful in emergency situations in order to survive.
Protective death:

  • Killing enemies while aiming through a sight gives you a bonus to armor. Can be stacked up to three times.
  • Unless you are out with shotguns and not constantly firing from the hip, this skill is a lifesaver.
  • You can continue to play offensively and at the same time survive longer because you strengthen your armor.
Ice trap:

  • If your life falls below 30%, all enemies within 10 meters will be frozen.
  • The skill can give you air in tricky situations, as frost temporarily makes the opponent completely unable to move.
Individual distance:

  • Increases damage at close range by 15%
  • Since you are constantly thrown at opponents in the expeditions who want to pounce on you, this bonus is not to be despised.
Critical accumulation:

  • Critical hits build a weapon strength and anomaly damage bonus for 5 seconds that can be stacked 5 times.
  • If you can aim well, you get a decent, temporary boost for your skills and your weapons.
Persistent Ammunition:

  • Increases your weapon strength for 5 seconds when your life falls below 30%.
  • If you prefer to fight for survival with even more damage than resistance in an emergency, you should take a look at this skill.
Status mods:

  • Increase the damage for status effects like poison, frost, etc. by 15%
  • This is especially important to note if you are building a build around such status effects.

Tier 3 armor mods

Sharp Eye - Legendary shoes of the ruler of the ice

  • Increases damage if you kill enemies while aiming. The effect can be stacked three times and will decrease over time.
  • The offensive counterpart to Protective Death.
  • This mod is an almost guaranteed damage buff that can also be stacked.
Captain Hunter - Legendary Gloves, Cannon Ball Set

  • Increases damage against elite opponents by 25%
  • A simple damage buff that lets you inflict more damage on elite opponents with weapons, skills and effects.
  • Especially in the expeditions, numerous elite opponents will stand in your way.

How do you get the Rank 3 mods? That should mean a lot of time, because you have to be lucky. Legendary equipment only plays a central role in the expeditions, the endgame of Outriders .

Before that, there are missions with the hunting, wanted and historian quests, which always reward you with a legendary item after completing the entire quest series. But the pool of items is limited there. So you can't get all of them like this.

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