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4 strong weapons in Season 3 of CoD Warzone that are top favorites for the meta


4 strong weapons in Season 3 of CoD Warzone that are top favorites for the meta

Season 3 has changed the face of Call of Duty: Warzone . There's a new map and nerfs of the best and most popular weapons also change the weapon meta. We shows you 4 weapons as an alternative to the weakened high-flyers M16, AUG, Mac-10 and FFAR.

With Season 3 there were extensive changes to Call of Duty: Warzone. The new map Verdansk '84 offers fresh scenes for warfare and the war equipment should also change. Because the strongest weapons of the last season were nerfed across the board.

At the moment it is not yet possible to say for sure which guns will soon be able to handle your loadouts. But we would like to offer you 4 alternatives to the previous meta weapons that you can't go wrong with.

Replacement for FFAR and Mac-10 in close combat

How strong were the nerfs? The two melee beasts of Season 2 had to give up a lot. They weren't completely patched, but they are much weaker - because both now cause less damage.

With the Mac-10, this meant that you always need one more shot for a kill at the shortest distance. The time-to-kill for 3 plates with body hits is now around 540 milliseconds. A decent surcharge on the 486 milliseconds before the patch ( via YouTube ). The rapid fire MP lands with the value in the middle field. If you get along well with the weapon, it is still a strong support at short distances - but no longer a top weapon.

In the case of FFAR, the increase in time-to-kill is more noticeable. With chest hits you now need 10 shots for a kill and 594 milliseconds. Before the update, the value was an unbeatable 462 milliseconds ( via YouTube ). Since the important mobility has also decreased somewhat, the assault rifle has lost some of its attractiveness and is falling significantly.

AK-47 from Cold War as a new meta contender

The AK-47 from Cold War first appeared on Warzone's weapons radar after a buff on its runs in Season 2 . She has strong stats and can kill enemies with chest hits in 500 milliseconds.

With Season 3 you can now effectively bring this strength to the battlefield. Because the recoil of the AK-47 is much more vertical and therefore easier to control. In close combat, it has a good chance of becoming the first Kalashnikov assault rifle in Warzone to be considered a meta-weapon.

CoD Warzone: AK-47 from Cold War Setup

  • Muzzle: GRU flash hider
  • Barrel: 18.2 ″ VDV reinforced
  • Visor: Microflex LED
  • Lower course: Spetsnaz handle
  • Ammunition: 45-round quick-loading magazine

CR-56 AMAX as a tried and tested alternative

This assault rifle has long been part of the meta, but lived a background life after the FFAR 1 took over. Your hour now seems struck. Even the developers say in the patch notes for update 1.36 : “We are keeping a close eye on the AMAX. No king rules forever ”.

The AMAX can lay an enemy with chest hits within 486 milliseconds and thus offers one of the top values ​​of automatic weapons in Warzone. In addition, it even has the potential to be effective over longer ranges. If it is too slow in your sights with our suggested setup, swap the large barrel for a shaft or laser. However, control then also suffers.

CoD Warzone: CR-56 AMAX Setup

  • Muzzle: silencer (monolith)
  • Barrel: XRK Zodiac S440
  • Underflow: command fore grip
  • Ammunition: 45-round magazine
  • Handle: XRK CR-56 Patterned edging

Replacement for the tactical rifles AUG and M16 in long-range combat

How strong were the nerfs? Both weapons had to endure nerfs, but the AUG in particular suffered.

In total, the developers screwed the Swiss Über-Gewehr 3 times and it is significantly weaker. With Season 3 the break between the volleys has been increased by 33%. Still an exciting choice for fans of powerful volley rifles. All others should refrain for the time being.

The case with the M16 is somewhat different. The weapon is also very stable, pleasant to play and puts down enemies easily and quickly. If you liked the M16 in its high phase at the end of the second season, keep it in the loadout.

Krig 6 as a new meta contender

The assault rifle benefits from a damage buff and is now a strong alternative for range weapons. She has one quality that gives her an advantage over most assault rifle competitors: Her stomach hits are as strong as her chest hits. You can neglect the otherwise so important chest hits with the Krig 6.

The weapon is very stable and also with the time-to-kill it offers a strong value of 644 milliseconds among the fully automatic weapons with a long range. The range of the first damaged area ends at almost 40 meters without attachments.

CoD Warzone: Krig 6 Setup

  • Muzzle: Agency flash hider
  • Barrel: 19.7 ″ Ranger
  • Visor: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underflow: field agent fore grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 60 rounds

M4A1 as a tried and tested alternative

The M4A1 was an absolute long-runner in Modern Warfare and that continues with Warzone. The weapon was never really out of the window and was always part of the meta-weapons.

The assault rifle is not the absolute top in any discipline, but it offers the best mix of damage and stability - and that's what makes it so strong. Although it is more difficult to control than the Krig 6 or Grau 5.56 , its time-to-kill for chest hits is less than 600 milliseconds (593 ms).

CoD Warzone: M4A1 Setup

  • Muzzle: silencer (monolith)
  • Barrel: M16 Grenadier
  • Visor: VLK 3.0x visor
  • Ammunition: 60-round magazine
  • Underflow: command fore grip

It is not yet possible to say for sure whether the new Season 3 will be dominated by a few weapons again. That won't become apparent until the next few days, when many players have had time to process the changes. During this time, it is best to use tried and tested methods, as you can hardly do anything wrong. Except maybe with your sniper weapon .

But you should leave the meta weapons of Season 2 behind you. Also because the developers have already announced that they will make further changes at short notice, they should not like the meta-development.

Which weapons are you taking out of the closet now? Do you rely on old friends or do you try your hand at new companions?