5 Quick Outriders Tips Every Beginner Must Know


5 Quick Outriders Tips Every Beginner Must Know

With the release of Outriders, many new players are now starting the co-op shooter. That's why we're giving you 5 quick tips to get you started.

What is Outriders? Outriders is a third-person shooter that you can play alone or with a total of up to three players. The game is developed by People Can Fly.

When does Outriders appear? The official release is today, April 1st, but at different times . The game will be released for Google Stadia, PC (Epic and Steam); Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

Especially for newcomers, it can often be confusing at the beginning to look through the numerous systems. To help you get started, we have 5 quick tips for you that will hopefully make getting started in Outriders easier.

Outriders does not have any items that you can use to heal yourself

Unlike most other loot shooters and RPGs, Outriders does not offer any healing items. There is an automatic recovery of life points, but this only heals you to a small extent and only if you are not hit.

This is how you heal yourself instead: Each of the four classes of Outriders has its own healing mechanics, which also have a strong influence on the way you play.

  • The technomancer heals himself through the damage he deals with skills and weapons
  • The pyromancer heals himself when enemies marked by his skills are killed
  • The assassin regenerates life points through kills in close combat
  • The Demolisher recovers from enemies who die in the immediate vicinity

With this system, Outriders takes an offensive approach, because you usually have to be aggressive and keep moving in order to constantly heal yourself.

Unlock and use crafting

That's why it's worth it: It's worth it early in the game thanks to its world ranks. The higher the world rank, the harder Outriders get. At the same time, there are also corresponding rewards. In this respect, you can work on your builds early on, for which the crafting system is essential.

Crating offers these functions: You can

  • improve the rarity level
  • Increase attributes
  • Exchange modifications
  • change the weapon type
  • increase the level of equipment
By disassembling the equipment, you can extract the mod and add it to your collection. As soon as you have unlocked the crafting, you can combine your equipment according to your wishes and refine your builds.

Outriders Tips

When will crafting be unlocked? After the first chapter of Outriders, which can also be played in the free demo, you set off for First City. There you will meet Dr. Zahedi. You need it to modify your equipment.

We will create a comprehensive crafting guide for you. But what resources do you need for crafting?

You have to know that about the resources

In Outriders, scrap is the standard currency that you can use to buy weapons and armor from vendors. You can get junk through mission rewards and selling loot. In addition, there are other resources in the form of iron and leather, which you can obtain by dismantling equipment.

This is how you get the most important resources: It is therefore worth collecting as much loot as possible. The best way to do this is to repeat missions and loot loot boxes. The contents of the boxes are reset every time you select the desired story point in the main menu.

You can also repeat side missions that bring you extra loot as a final reward. Although you cannot get legendary weapons from the crates, you still get a large amount of equipment. You can either use them, dismantle them for resources or sell them at the dealer.

The guides are pretty helpful

Outriders has a number of stats and status effects that are important for combat. Those who are new often do not know which status values ​​have which effect.

There are also numerous types of damage and effects that affect you and your opponents. Therefore you should use the extensive in-game guides. These list all important information about status effects and also give other useful explanations.

Where can I find the instructions? You just have to switch to the main menu in the game. There you go to instructions and find the different categories. 

Activates automatic collection

In Outriders you will get permanent equipment and weapons. But on the battlefield it can happen that you miss a drop. You can avoid that with the automatic collection function. The option ensures that all loot is automatically collected as soon as you die or leave the region

How does this work? In the options menu, under the “Gameplay” category, you will find the toggle option for automatic collection.

There you can determine the rarity level and set which loot is automatically collected. This is what it looks like:

By the way: You can also collect all the loot that is lying around at the push of a button. On consoles this works with the directional pad down key, on PC with “H”.

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