A new, erotic vampire MMO is about to launch on Steam


A new, erotic vampire MMO is about to launch on Steam

he vampire MMO Shadow's Kiss has been in development for over four years. Now there is a sign of life that gives hope. The developers said that the game should appear on Steam - as early as summer 2021, if everything works out.

What kind of MMO is it? Shadow's Kiss made a name for itself over four years ago when it entered pre-alpha in December 2016 . The MMO is inspired by the famous World of Darkness, from which the role-playing games of the "Vampire" series originate.

The developers behind Shadow's Kiss are Clockwork Throne, an indie studio from Texas. The MMO was initially financed primarily through Kickstarter, where Shadow's Kiss was very successful . The developers now rely primarily on Patreon, but still rely on support from fans.

In Shadow's Kiss you embody a bloodsucker yourself who descends from the "darkness" or the "dark goddess" and has to find his way in the modern age. As a vampire you are of course hungry or thirsty and have to look for living prey in the form of humans.

Various skills are available to you for hunting, such as beguiling, but also sorcery (necromancy) and apparently tinkering skills such as bomb-making.

When and where does it appear? The alpha of the MMO started back in July 2019. In a new post on Facebook, the developers wrote that Shadow's Kiss should appear for PC on Steam in the summer of 2021 - if everything works out.

They want to send a first build for review and if this is accepted, the MMO could be released as early as July. The development was delayed by updates, which are now being discontinued in favor of the launch and because of a problem with the patcher.

You can already buy Shadow's Kiss in the official shop (via Shadow's Kiss ). Existing accounts will be transferred to the Steam version.

Four years of development for vampires and erotic

In Shadow's Kiss you can play your vampire in different roles. There are five ways you can do this, which are somewhat reminiscent of character classes:

  • Dark Vampires of the Shadowfiends from the "defiled path"
  • Amaranthine the Undying from the Mummy Trail
  • Lords or ladies of the night, noble vampires from the path of the "true" vampires
  • Lilin, Succubi and Incubi from the demonic path
  • Children of Orpheus (Verdilak) from the Path of the Zombie Lords
Your development as a vampire obviously takes a little longer.

Sexuality also plays a role in Shadow's Kiss. In addition to your gender, you can also set your motivation and sexual orientation when creating your character. Your interest in other (or the same) genders should be important in social interactions and quests.

It should even be possible to buy breasts for an extra charge . However, the whole story about the vampires themselves, their origins and roles, is extremely comprehensive. You can find out more about the background on the official website (via Shadow's Kiss ).

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