A setup for a devastator build in Outriders that breaks everything down in the endgame


A setup for a devastator build in Outriders that breaks everything down in the endgame

The Devastator is not exactly the most popular class in the Outriders endgame and is considered inferior to the others in terms of damage. We shows you a build that proves how powerful the Devastator can be and what you need for it.

What's the problem with the Demolisher? The class is like the Outriders tank and can take a lot of damage. Compared to other classes such as the assassin or technomancer, it deals less damage, especially in the endgame.

This makes it unpopular for numerous players, especially on expeditions. Because there the aim is to complete the expeditions as quickly as possible in order to get the best loot. It even goes so far that devastators are regularly thrown from the groups .

But with the right setup you can solve the problem. The YouTuber LaserBolt has now presented a build with which devastators can deal a lot of damage in the expeditions. We'll show you what you need to build the build as well and how you have to play it.

Demolisher Build - Skill Tree, Skills, Equipment

Demolisher Build - Skill Tree, Skills, Equipment

You need these perks:

Anomaly Reserve (x6)
  • Increases your anomaly power by 6%
Endless tremors (x2)
  • Reduces the cooldown of seismic skills by 15%
Endless guard
  • Reduces the cooldown of protection skills by 15%
  • Using protection skills increases your anomaly power by 45%
Continuous movement
  • Reduces the cooldown of Kinetic skills by 15%
Strong arm of the law
  • Doubles the damage of the melee attack
  • Increases damage against enemies with less than 30% health by 20%
Carnage (x2)
  • Bleeding deals 30% more damage to enemies.
blood donation
  • 25% of the bleeding damage is returned to you as healing.
  • Increases your life drain from abilities by 6%
Protected from the anomaly
  • Increases the armor value by 40% of your anomaly power
Capable guardian
  • Increases armor and resistance by 20% for 10 seconds when skills end
Pure anomaly
  • Increases resistance penetration by 15%
The legacy of the earth
  • Increases Seismic Skill Damage by 50%

The skills of the pyromancer build

The skills of the pyromancer build

  • Earthquake: Causes a shock wave that deals damage and interrupts enemies in their actions.
  • Golem: Armor blocks 65% of incoming damage for 8 seconds.
  • Gravitational jump: You can float in the air and pounce on your enemies from there. Upon impact, you cause massive damage and interrupt opponents.

Weapons, armor, mods

The YouTuber uses these weapons:  The main weapon of the build is the legendary shotgun “Death Shield”, which is currently one of the best weapons in the game. It comes with the “Fortress” mod, which delivers up to 43% bonus damage based on your armor. 

In addition, he uses the mod “Wailing Winds”, which you get from the legendary shotgun “The Anemoi”. With it you cause massive damage to your enemies when reloading. To get the most out of it, he has both weapons with the same mods with him.

So you have “Fortress” and “Wailing Winds” as rank 3 mods on the main and secondary weapons.

How do you get the mods? Here the difficulty lies with the build. In principle, you have to find both legendary weapons twice. Once to dismantle and thus unlock the modification for crafting. And then again to be able to use the weapons.

These are the optimal pieces of armor: LaserBolt also uses legendary pieces of equipment here, but the build also works with epic items. It is also not absolutely necessary to focus so much on the bleeding effect. So the build also gives you scope for adjustment, LaserBolt has opted for bleeding damage.

Seismic Commander helmet
  • Untamed Power: The use of skills causes damage to enemies within 5 meters. The damage is equal to 30% of your anomaly power.
  • Blood Shock: Earthquake causes enemies to bleed.
Seismic Commander's Armor
  • Second Quake: Earthquake can be activated one more time before the cooldown occurs.
  • Erath's Legacy: Increases the range of the skill by 60%
Seismic Commander's Leg Armor
  • Tainted Blood: Increases damage against bleeding enemies by 25%
  • Extra Quake: Earthquake can be activated one more time before the cooldown occurs.
Epic gloves
  • Ground Crush: Increases the base damage for earthquakes.
  • Captain Hunter: Increases damage against elite opponents by 25%.
Epic shoes
  • Double Jump: The gravity jump can be used one more time before the cooldown is activated.
  • Bloody Boost: Increases your damage against bleeding enemies.

The optimal attributes for this build are Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, and Skill Life Steal.

The mods are the main sources of damage

This is how it is played: The principle here is that you build strong buffs through your skills, which you in turn exploit with your weapons. “Wailing winds” is the decisive mod here, the order of your attacks is also important.

Proceed like this:

  • Fires once with each weapon.
  • Then use the gravitational jump.
  • Use a melee attack.
  • Then three earthquakes.
  • Then you activate the golem skill.
  • Now you are buffed and can reload your weapons once.

The waves of damage that are activated by the Mod "Wailing Winds" are already quite powerful and the additional buffs make them even stronger.

This allows you to heat up enemies in the area properly. Since you always have to repeat this process, it is not necessarily the most exciting way to play. However, the potential for damage is very high.

You can see how the build is played here in the video from LaserBolt:

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there might not be even more powerful builds. Outriders offers numerous combination and optimization options, which means that there are always new and better builds.

The build shown above manages to eliminate the damage deficit in the Demolisher, even if the play style is not suitable for everyone.

What do you think of the build? Do you know better variants or even completely different setups? Let us know in the comments.

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