All the ways to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp


All the ways to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in much of the world as a means of communication between people when they use the mobile phone. This means that in our chats we keep a lot of important information, confidential data, personal confidences, etc. This means that, if at any time we mistakenly delete a conversation, we lose important information. In addition, since the messaging app incorporated the function that allows you to delete messages sent in a chat, there are also many who at some point have thought about how to recover those deleted messages. Next, we are going to respond to all these situations to recover deleted conversations and messages on WhatsApp.

Undoubtedly, these are two situations that everyone has ever gone through, deleting a conversation by mistake, which means losing all the messages in that chat, or wanting to recover a message deleted by one of our contacts in a conversation or a group. Well, first of all, we must know that, in both cases, with a little luck we can recover these messages or conversations without any problem.

Although below we will see several options related to backups, the truth is that we have quite complete applications such as mSpy . Without going any further, it is possible to see the incoming and outgoing text messages that have been deleted after installing the application and even see deleted sent messages, which have come from any social media application (Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) . In this way, we will never lose a WhatsApp message and we can always recover it, even if the owner of the mobile terminal or someone else has deleted it.

WhatsApp backups

In the event that we have deleted an application conversion, we must bear in mind that thanks to the backup copies that WhatsApp itself saves every day , it is possible to recover them quite easily. It is important to know that every day at dawn, the app itself makes an automatic backup of all our messages and we can even make it save the videos that we have shared with our contacts.

Each backup that is saved for a period of 7 days, so during that period of time its recovery is quite simple. After this time, recovering a deleted conversation is more complex, but not impossible.

Configure backup

However, it is convenient to review the configuration of WhatsApp backups to verify that they are correctly configured and are carried out on a daily basis to avoid losing certain messages in the event that we have the need to recover any of them. For it:

  • We open the messaging app on our mobile
  • Let's go to the three points in the upper right corner
  • We open the menu
  • We choose the CHATS section
  • Inside chats, look for Backup

Here we will see the data of the backup, but also the settings in Google Drive to make the backup. You can choose how often, in which account, with WiFi or with data and you can choose if you want to add the videos of the conversations or not. Just tap on "Save to Google Drive" and choose:

  • Never
  • Only save when I touch «Save»
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Our advice is to do it on a daily or weekly basis as this way your data will be safe and you will have recent conversations even in the event of a catastrophe.

Recover the latest backup of your conversations

Now, if right off the bat we realize that there are certain conversations that no longer appear in our application and that we are sure that we did have them yesterday, then what we can do is restore the WhatsApp chat history. During the installation process, the application itself will ask us if we want to recover the last backup saved. In that case, all we have to do is say yes, and choose the last copy of our messages.

Automatically, we will proceed to recover all the conversations and their messages in our application and once finished, we will see that the deleted conversations are again in WhatsApp.

Therefore, if we need to recover a chat or message deleted by mistake in WhatsApp and it has been less than 7 days since we sent or received it, then we can recover it by removing the messaging app from our phone and reinstalling it. Of course, we should not skip the step in which we are asked if we want to Restore the conversation history, which will be what allows us to recover the deleted messages.

So you can recover a copy from several days ago

Recovering a backup that is longer than the one we have in Google Drive requires a much more manual process. In this case, the first thing we have to do is have a file manager installed on our smartphone. A tool that allows us to access each and every one of the folders and files stored in the internal storage of our device.

With all this ready, we navigate to the sdcard or internal storage / WhatsApp / Databases path . There we will find a series of files with a name like  msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 , where each date indicates the day the copy was saved, and a file with the name msgstore.db.crypt12 , which is the one in charge of recovering the backup copies.

In this case, what we have to do is choose the file of the day that we want to recover and rename it with the name msgstore.db.crypt12 . Then we uninstall and reinstall the messaging application. During the installation process, we can choose the option to restore the backup.

If our mobile has an iOS operating system  , then the conversations are saved in the Apple cloud (iCloud), therefore, what we will have to do is go to Settings> iCloud and activate the Documents and data option to access the copies of security. Afterwards, the procedure to follow will be the same as indicated above in Android.

Backup WhatsApp

Although, as we have indicated above, Facebook's own messaging application automatically creates backups every day, one method to avoid losing any message even though we mistakenly delete some of our conversations is to make a backup copy at the time we deem appropriate. That is, if we have had a conversation with any of our contacts where there is data that we do not want to lose in any way, we can create a new WhatsApp backup manually and thus make sure we have a copy in case of loss.

On Android

To do this, all we have to do is follow these steps that we show below:

  • We open the messaging app on our phone
  • We touch the three points in the upper right corner of the screen
  • In the drop-down menu, open the settings
  • Once here, choose the second section: Chats

You will find several options:

  • Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Chat settings
  • Backup copy
  • Chat history
The one that interests us is the fourth: Backup. Tap on it. Here you will see what copy is currently saved, when it was made locally, and when it was saved to Google Drive. You will also see the size of it. If it is recent and you have not used the app, you can leave it as is. If you want to save the data, click on «Save». This will take several minutes and even hours if you haven't done a backup in a long time and have a lot of gigs to save. You will store conversations, photos, videos.

On iOS

In iOS we find this same option if from the messaging app we tap on the menu button to enter Settings and navigate through the Chats> Backup options and mark the Automatic copy option as often as we want.

If for whatever reason we delete a conversation, we can use this copy and restore it to recover the deleted messages on WhatsApp and the photos.

Recover a deleted message in a chat

The truth is that the function that allows us to delete a message after having sent it is one of the most anticipated by many users. Above all, for those more clueless who from time to time, sent a message to the chat that they should not send it.

At that point, the only thing that could be done is to apologize and accept the mistake. However, it is currently possible to delete that message sent by mistake to a contact or group. We must resort to third-party applications that will help us with this. It is not advisable to look for applications that promise miracles on WhatsApp, but there are some recommended apps that will increase the functions if you want to see a message that you have missed.

Notification History Log

Of course, for this we will have to use a third-party app such as Notification History Log or WhatsAppRemoved +, which are undoubtedly two of the most popular apps when we talk about tools that allow us to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp and that, in addition , we can get it completely free from the previous links.

The first one allows us to save a historical record of the notifications that reach our smartphone. Now, it is best to limit the registration of notifications only for the famous messaging application. In this way, we will prevent the registry from filling up with notifications from other applications and make finding the notifications of messages that have subsequently been deleted much more complicated.

WhatsAppRemoved +

For its part, WhatsRemoved + is another great application with which we can see deleted messages on WhatsApp. With this tool installed and properly configured, any messages that they send us and that have been deleted before we read them, we will be able to see them without any problem even though they have been deleted .

Once installed, the first thing we will have to do is accept its terms of use and allow it to follow and save the notifications of the messaging app, also being able to indicate if we want to monitor the files shared with us and that they have also been deleted. With everything ready and configured correctly, we can see all the messages deleted on WhatsApp , even if they contained a photo or file with this tool.

Control WhatsApp backups

If we are one of those who like to have control of everything and we have a mobile device with Android, then we can also choose to have an app installed on our phone that allows us to make backup copies of WhatsApp at will. In this way, we will have the option of recovering messages or chats that we have lost or deleted by mistake.

Backup for Whats to manage backups

One of the apps that have been designed precisely for this and that we can download and install on our mobile from the Play Store is Backup for Whats . As its name suggests, this tool has been developed precisely to make backup copies of WhatsApp and thus be able to recover them when necessary.

This application allows you to back up our conversations, images, videos, audios, voice memos, etc . All this is also saved in our personal Google Drive account. But in this case it is stored in a space of our unit that is fully accessible to have control of the copies we have.

From there we will be able to recover any version without any problem. Among the main features of Backup for Whats, it should be noted that the backup is compressed and synchronized with our account so that it does not take up a lot of space and the upload can be carried out automatically, which uses AES-256 encryption so that our copies are safe. except that it is possible to create a backup without an internet connection. Later, when the smartphone connects, it will automatically begin to synchronize the backup in our cloud account.

Recover a deleted photo or video from WhatsApp

However, when it comes to deleting a message, photo or video, WhatsApp will ask us if we want to delete it just for ourselves, for everyone and even if we want to delete the multimedia files from our phone at the same time as we delete them from the chat in question. Therefore, depending on what we have chosen, that we do not have that photo or video on our mobile does not mean that we cannot recover it quickly. In the best of cases, we can ask the contact or contacts with whom we share them if they still have it and  ask that they resend it to us.

But if we are not that lucky, then we can dip into the WhatsApp backup. Let us remember that for a long time, WhatsApp has offered the possibility of making backup copies of our messages automatically through  Google Drive or iCloud , depending on whether our device uses iOS or Android. Therefore, if it has not been a long time since we have lost that photo or video that we want to recover, restoring the last backup may be the fastest option to recover them, as long as of course, we have the backup function enabled before you have deleted the message with the photo or video.

From the  Settings> Chats> Backup option  we can see when the last backup was made and how often they are being made. If we believe that by the date we can recover the deleted photo or video in WhatsApp, then we have to uninstall WhatsApp from the mobile and reinstall it again. It will not request the mobile number again and will offer us the possibility of restoring our messages from a backup copy. We say yes, and once the process is finished we will be able to check if we have that photo or video that we had deleted again.

It must be taken into account that the messages that we would have sent after the backup date will be lost, so if we need it, we will have to save it previously. Another alternative to recover a deleted photo or video in WhatsApp is to  check the WhatsApp folder of our mobile phone . On Android phones this is possible from the file explorer, so we can easily navigate to the folder where WhatsApp stores the photos and videos shared by the messaging application and check if they are still there. The messages may have been removed from the chat, but we still have the files in the WhatsApp folder on the phone.

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